Proven Ways To Improve Email Marketing Strategies

proven ways improve email marketing strategies email newsletter roi

For many years, email marketing has worked out as the go-to tool for professional marketing tools, regardless of the market you operate in. It has helped businesses convert prospects into revenue streams. However several factors have changed to approaches in email marketing. It has become more dynamic and what may have worked three years ago, may not work out in today's fierce online marketing world. As it evolves you need to become evolve your strategy and approach to counter competition. 

Email marketing is still a highly acclaimed asset and some of the very best marketers still adore it. It stands out as a professional way to communicate with your client's both new and existing ones. It’s also a cost-effective way to promote your products and reach the set goal. In the modern marketing mix, brands can approach email marketing from various angles and still make a mark. Here are some great ways to improve your email marketing strategies. 

Create A Personalized Message For Each Subscriber 

Knowing your clients’ needs is the key to success. Creating a personalized message requires you to use customer data such as transaction history and personal preferences. The more personal your emails are the greater chances of getting them opened and in turn getting a positive revert. Remember, it’s easier to maintain an existing customer than getting a new one, but you must always find ways to bring new prospects on board and retain them for business growth. By learning customers’ specific needs and customizing your emails to their interest, you get closer to retain them on board. 

We are talking here of something as easy as a personalized greeting, such as “Dear Tom” as opposed to “Hello There.” Make your subscribers feel special and important, this effect can be magical as it builds loyalty and compels them to read more of your emails. 

Be Open To Mobile-Friendliness 

We are living in a world of smartphone and small devices that have become the primary tools for internet access. As an email marketer, therefore, you must target such devices and optimize your emails for the target audience to access them with ease. 

To make it easier, choose a template and general email design that will respond quickly on mobile devices. Work with Postcards Free Email Builder to make things easier and ensure that you test the email responsiveness before rolling out for use. One of the best ways to capture this market is being precise and to the point. In addition, using larger fonts for mobile devices might avoid your emails landing into trash folders as they become more readable. 

Other factors to consider in molding your emails for mobile friendliness include the speed of responsiveness. Emails and websites that take too long to open will quickly lose readers. The online audience is generally regarded as impatient and mostly wants quick-fix solutions to their queries. Give them this in a nutshell. 

Create Mouth-Watering, Eye-Catching Subject Lines 

Your subject lines will determine whether your email gets to be read or not. Subscribers receive a lot of emails in the course of the day. By all means, ensure that your subject line is compelling enough to persuade customers to click -through. They create the first impression of a recipient. Your email subjects should communicate urgency and scarcity. Make them precise, sweet and understandable. Incorporating an emoji can attract their attention, but don’t overdo it. Be careful as it may also look unprofessional. 

Subject lines with a subscriber's name have a higher open rate, again because of the personalization effect. There is an attachment that comes with the mention of someone’s name amidst a crowd. This is the kind of attention you must endeavor to make with the subject line. 

Dynamic Content 

Even in email marketing, content is still king! What do you want to tell your prospective clients? How fast can you pass the message and still remain relevant and to the point? These are factors to consider in creating content for your email campaigns. 

As a matter of fact, on email, you have very little time to send your message across. Use it by giving content that is catchy and informative. 

It is limiting in that lengthy emails will discourage your target audience from opening your next email. For this reason, packing sense in every word and sentence becomes a key strategy. In most cases, emails form just a small chunk of readers’ time and you should capitalize on this. 

Social Media Integration 

Can your emails lead your prospective clients to your social media pages? Can your social media pages lead your prospective clients to your emails? 

Although mail and social media can be used separately in business, integrating them can help attain great benefits; it extends the reach of your campaigns to established industry stalwarts, building trust and getting more traffic on your website. Incorporating social media sites to your email campaign makes it easy for people to like, follow and even share their favorite products improving the possibilities of getting more opens and click through. This enhances conversion rates. Using a variety of platforms creates new opportunities to reach your customer base and engage with them. In modern technology, adding a live social media feed in your emails is one of the greatest ways of building a special social community. Always be contextual, relevant and responsive so that your subscribers can enjoy. 


Although modern technology-based business strategies keep changing from time to time, when done properly and tactfully, there is much to benefit from it. Email marketing is the driving force to modern digital marketing. As the digital world grows rapidly, its relevance as a tool remains. In fact, it is one of the digital marketing tools that have stood the test of times. Importantly, keep learning new ways of delivering the message and enticing your potential clients. Having a long email list is good but converting it to paying clients is the winning strategy. The ideas shared herein can help you tap into this field and boost of its tremendous success through all seasons.

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