How To Hire Movers Without Stress, Even If It’s Your First Time

hire movers without stress first time moving

Packing and transporting your possessions when moving house can become a huge hassle. Your job and daily activities take up much of your time. This gives you little time to concentrate on the details of moving. In this situation, it’s better to outsource some activities by hiring a professional moving service. 

If this is your first time, you might not know what to expect or how to spot good movers. In that case, we’ve got a quick guide to help you choose the best movers that will suit your needs. 

Research Movers Extensively 

To get the best movers available, don’t just pick the first company you see. Conduct thorough research. 

Check out the various movers and find out the following for each of them: 

 What is their reputation? Do they have good reviews from people who have used them recently? What is their customer service like? 

• How reliable are they? Do they park and transport delicate and breakable objects without getting them damaged? Are their services free from reports of missing items? 

• How do they operate? Do they handle local and long distance moves, or do they focus on just one? 

• Is the cost reasonable? 

To get adequate information about the company, you can: 

1. Ask friends, relations, neighbors or colleagues who have moved recently to recommend good professional moving services for you. 

2. You can research the company online. 

3. You can visit the mover and get a feel of how they operate. 

It’s usually easier to hire a moving company near you. For example, if you’re moving from St. John’s County, Florida and the surrounding area, hiring the services of St Augustine movers will save you lots of stress. 

Finally, find out if the mover is registered with the proper associations and government bodies. This enhances their reputability. 

Plan To Hire An Affordable Professional Mover 

Whether you’re on a budget or not, spending more than required to move house is not necessary. First, find out how much your move will cost. 

Get the experts to come to your house and take a look at all the items you’ll move. They should provide a quote based on their visit. Another way is to check online platforms such as WhatStorage in the UK. These websites allow users to compare the rates of different local moving companies, man and van services and storage facilities in the country.

Don’t try to rush through this process by asking for a price estimate over the phone or via email. Such a price is subject to change once the movers see the items in your house. It’s better to get an on-site quote which will hardly change than to get a price that can easily fluctuate. 

Next, compare prices. 

Get quotes from different companies and study them. Make sure there are no hidden costs before choosing an appropriate quote. Don’t just pick the lowest quote. Look for a low-cost estimate from a reputable company with high quality moving services. You can instead negotiate a lower price with the mover of your choice while getting the same caliber of service they offer. 

Remember, hiring a moving company near you will make these processes easier to handle. If you live in or around St. Augustine and hire St Augustine movers, you’ll save commute time and make the moving negotiation process faster.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how to hire movers without stressing out even if it's your first big office or home move.

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