How To Operate A Startup 24/7 With No Budget

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It's something that is blatantly obvious in the modern business world that you need to operate on a 24/7 basis regardless of your budget and size of your company. It's much easier for larger companies to operate 24/7, but it's even more vital for startup companies to have that 24/7 mentality because if you can achieve this right at the start, it will result in more clients from across the world as well as more custom. And, especially if you're running an e-commerce business you will reap the benefits quite quickly. So how is it possible to do this with a limited budget? 

Make The Most Of Automation 

Your friend at the start will be automating as many processes as you physically can. You need to try and undertake a holistic assessment of your processes, from your social media marketing to your customer service to how you reply to emails, everything! And look at what parts can be automated or what parts can be drip fed to potential customers, especially when it comes to things like regular emails to update your customers, newsletters, as well as marketing materials like videos, and so forth. If you can give the impression at the start that you are a 24/7 business, especially if you are able to show that you can reply to a query in a short space of time, this is what will get people on board and to believe in your brand. 

Adopting The 24/7 Mentality 

This can be done in many different ways. The benefits of having a business online as opposed to a physical location is that you can make the most of outsourcing staff and clients as well. In addition, make the most of the more important parts of protecting your business such as IT support services that will give you that peace of mind, day or night, especially if you have somebody working the night shift. But if you are able to run a business across the world, you can outsource people in different time zones which, don't be fooled, isn't an easy task! But it's possible for you to keep a hold of customers and clients throughout the whole process if you have a physical person standing by. 

Implement Self-Help Resources 

This is a strategy that requires time and effort up at the front. But if you are able to provide as much details and resources for customers so they can solve problems themselves, this will be something that benefits you majorly without needing to hire extra staff to answer live queries. Providing a “frequently asked questions” page, as well as things like forums and video tutorials in an easy-to-use manner, will take a lot of the stress out of it from your perspective. 

Hustle Hard Bootstrapping Businesses

The 24/7 business is the one that will have a wider catchment area for custom because it's the one that never rests. So if you are starting at the company with big goals you need to find ways to appear 24/7 despite a limited budget.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about working the numbers game and operating with a 24/7 schedule or mentality in business.

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