CBD: The Next Big Thing For UK Convenience Stores?

cbd oil next big thing uk convenience stores

The UK is no stranger to trends in its consumers, and one new product is undeniably on the rise: CBD liquid. Increasingly known in popular culture, this CBD oil (cannabidiol) liquid is now entering the mainstream due to its potent medical properties. 

What’s CBD All About? 

CBD oil has long had a known association with the medical field. Due to it being one of the two main chemical compounds in cannabis, it’s failed to penetrate mainstream markets. CBD, of course, produces none of the psychoactive effects found in THC, which is the other main chemical in cannabis. 

The list of effects of CBD oil is impressive. It’s able to help relieve pain and aid recovery – a particularly powerful effect upon use which is seeing its use amongst elite athletes. Studies show it may be able to reduce depression, anxiety and insomnia, too. A further key driver of the popularity of CBD oil is research that increasingly is finding its importance in alleviating cancer symptoms. While all the potential benefits of cannabidiol need further scientific study, it's clear that it has many positive uses compared to expensive / addicting traditional medications or other more dangerous street drugs.

A Promising Start For CBD Products

We’ve seen CBD oil perform encouragingly in parts of the UK for some time now, but it’s clear that we’re on the cusp of a real trend in consumer preferences here. Shoppers are increasingly receptive about products relating to cannabis, with the stigma of the substance declining in the UK as the medical aspects of CBD and cannabis as a whole are discussed on a global level in popular culture. 

You may be inclined to think that the rise in CBD popularity to be only within the younger age range, but the opposite is true; studies are indicating that CBD oil and CBD e-liquid is popular amongst a very diverse spread of age and economic groups. According to the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC), we’re now seeing that CBD consumption and interest in the UK has truly entered the mainstream. 

Growing Value Of CBD Oils

It’s estimated that well over 1.3 million adults use CBD oil in the UK, with average users turning to the substance to alleviate muscle soreness, sleep disorders and mental issues like anxiety. So, what’s the price tag? Research performed on the 2018 and 2019 market in the UK found what, to many, were surprising results: oil containing CBD was worth over 300 million Pounds a year – twice as much as the Vitamin D market and nearly three times as much as the Vitamin C market. 

Perhaps more tellingly, the startling figures were found to be six times higher than were previously estimated. The CBD e-liquid and oil rush is here, and it’s gold for convenience stores who have a steady flow of customers who can turn to the substance to help them recover from the gym, alleviate mental symptoms and generally improve their quality of life. 

Since CBD products can get expensive with consistent use to get the benefits from them, it helps to be able to find cannabidiol discounts. If you want to be a CBD insider like us, then get your CBDistillery promo code today!

Digital To Physical CBD Sales

Critically, we’re at a turning point in the distribution and sale of CBD e-liquid and oil across the UK. Previously, it was a digital seller’s market; most of the CBD e-liquid sold in recent years was from digital stores and online retailers. This was great news for them; they got a large share of a product worth several hundred million a year! 

What it means for convenience store owners, however, is simple: there’s a real opportunity here to stock up and provide a product that is profitable, affordable and riding the wave of country-wide demand. 

CBD For The C-Store Industry

Smart convenience store owners would be wise to take note. With this CBD oil product increasingly showing positive mental and physical effects and the public increasingly favouring products related to cannabis, the cultural shift is coinciding with scientific research to place CBD e-liquid and oil at the forefront of your restocking priorities.

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