How Strong Are Delta-8 Gummies?

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When taking any product that causes an intoxicating high, it is wise to ascertain the likely potency. While it is almost impossible to ‘overdose’ on marijuana according to most research, one could consume an excessive amount that results in a highly unpleasant experience. 

Delta-8 gummies are among the most popular intoxicating products on the market. Users enjoy consuming them because the high is deemed milder than what one experiences from the delta-9 found in marijuana. They feel more in control and confident, and the delicious taste is certainly another plus!

However, just how strong are D8 gummies in relation to other cannabinoid-infused gummies? This article provides the answer and outlines what users claim they experience after using different dosages. 

How Potent Are D8 Gummies? 

This depends on what you compare delta-8 to in terms of other cannabinoids. Furthermore, since it is a relatively new commercial product, it is difficult to provide precise information. We are mainly relying on anecdotal evidence, which isn’t always reliable. 

Nonetheless, delta-8 is believed to be about half as potent as delta-9. The high is similar, but users are less likely to feel overwhelmed. They are also less likely to experience adverse effects such as anxiety, paranoia, or nausea. 

Compared to HHC, another recent commercial sensation, D8 gummies are about 60-70% as potent. This calculation is based on the suggestion that HHC is about 70-80% as potent as D9. 

The above are certainly not precise figures, but they give you a ballpark estimate. Moreover, they suggest that HHC is a little bit stronger than delta-8. 

D8 is only about one-sixth as potent as THC-O because the latter is approximately triple the strength of D9! Then there is THC-P which could be 10-20 times more potent than the delta-8 gummies you eat. 

However, delta-8 is potentially stronger than THCV and delta-10, although it is challenging to find accurate data proving this claim. 

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How Much Delta-8 THC Will I Need To Get High? 

It is impossible to answer this question accurately because cannabinoids affect everyone differently. Once again, the best we can do is provide a ballpark estimate. 

If you are a new user or an individual with a proven low THC tolerance, it is wise to first use between 5mg and 15mg. At around 5mg, you may experience a pleasant and mild body high unlikely to have much of a cerebral effect. However, a marijuana-like high becomes likelier once you get into the 10-20mg range. 

Users claim they also experience heightened clarity and focus. There is also a possibility of greater productivity and creativity, along with an energy boost. Once the high subsides, there is a chance you will experience the munchies, so stock up on those healthy snacks! 

Moving On Up 

A dose between 20mg and 40mg is suitable for occasional marijuana users with a reasonable tolerance. The effects are similar to what you will feel with a lower dose but are far more noticeable. You may also gain a greater appreciation for the world around you, so feel free to take a nature hike. It is also likely that sedation will occur at this dosage, so don’t use it in the morning. 

Only experienced weed users with a high THC tolerance should venture beyond 40mg when using D8 gummies. You could experience altered perception with time seemingly moving more slowly than normal. Hallucinations probably won’t happen but remain a possibility, as does the appearance of adverse effects such as nausea and paranoia. 

This is why you should only use this much delta-8 if you have an exceptional THC tolerance. If you fall into this category, using 40+ mg of D8 may lead to sedation and sleep, similar to CBN. 

Final Thoughts On The Strength Of D8 Gummies 

Overall, the best metric for measuring the potency of delta-8 gummies is the delta-9 found in marijuana. D8 is about 50% as strong as D9. Therefore, if you use D8 gummies with 25mg of the cannabinoid apiece, it is akin to using 12.5mg of delta-9 in gummy form. 

You are likely to experience an enjoyable high at that dosage that makes you appreciate life a little more. However, if you want to feel energized, perhaps use half a gummy to keep the dosage under 15mg. That way, you can consume delta-8 in the morning if you choose. Please don’t use it before going to work unless you are looking for a reason to lose your job due to cannabinoid consumption!

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