Hearing Aids That Stream Music: Best Of Both Worlds

best hearing aids that stream music

Missing out on the whole experience of hearing music while using your hearing aids? Well, it is time to get introduced to hearing aids that stream music. 

Hearing aids that are Bluetooth compatible and have a wider frequency range are better for streaming music. This is because music includes multiple instruments, and each instrument operates at a different frequency range. Additionally, aids need to be Bluetooth compatible so that you can pair them up with your devices to stream music. 

Want to learn more and know our recommendation of the best hearing aids for streaming music? Read along! 

Speech vs Music: Why Is It Different For Hearing Aids 

Listening to conversations, everyday sounds, and music is a pretty straightforward task to the human ear. But unfortunately, when you’re using hearing aids, the experience of listening to music can and will be different. There are even specific hearing aids for musicians

The average speech or conversation is around 60 decibels. From softest to loudest, this range is 30-90 decibels. That is, the average adult male’s voice has a frequency of 85 to 155 Hz, and for females, it is 165-255 Hz. 

However, music includes many different instruments- and most of them have a wide range of unique frequency spectrums. So, not only does music play at a more comprehensive frequency range- but also with a broader dynamic range. Jazz and classical music are usually low- frequency, often lower than the speech range. In contrast, intense instruments like brass have a higher range. 

How To Choose Hearing Aids That Stream Music 

We’ve established how speech and music are different when heard through hearing aids. So, what should we look for while buying hearing aids if we want to stream music on them? 

Range Of Frequency 

Firstly, as mentioned, the hearing aid needs to provide a wide range of frequencies. It has to pick and channel the notes played by instruments as best as possible. Some hearing aids tend to offer personalization. That is, you have the option to set frequency per your need, based on the situation and activity. 

Bluetooth Compatibility 

Your hearing aid needs to be Bluetooth compatible to connect to music streaming devices. Thankfully, hearing aid techs have progressed a lot. Most aids available on the market come with this feature. You should still check and ensure that the hearing aid you are buying has Bluetooth. 

Make sure your aid is compatible with desired devices. Some aids connect only to iOS devices, and some only to Android devices. The best choice would be to get an aid that works with both operating systems without hassle. 

Additionally, check the distance range of the Bluetooth of the hearing aid. 

Battery Life 

It is no secret that Bluetooth connections require more power. If your hearing aid does not have a good battery, you won’t have a smooth experience with your hearing aids. Connecting Bluetooth and streaming music will cause your aid to run out of battery quicker. Moreover, your battery’s lifespan will be affected. So, make sure your hearing aid comes with a good battery. 

Noise And Feedback Reduction 

For hearing aids to stream music seamlessly, they should have these features. These reduction features provide a smoother music experience. 

User Comfort 

Make sure that your hearing aid is lightweight and comfortable to wear. If needed, check reviews from former/current users before buying. 

Top 4 Hearing Aids That Stream Music: Our Suggestions 

Confused about what brands and devices to look for? Here are our top suggestions- 

1. Oticon: Oticon Opn and Oticon MORE 

Oticon is the front name in the world of hearing aid technology. The company is constantly improving its devices and adding customizable features. 

Oticon’s Opn is the first internet-enabled hearing aid. Its open sound approach lets the user experience a wide range of frequencies. The Bluetooth and internet access lets you seamlessly stream music on your hearing aid. Among Oticon’s latest releases, Oticon MORE (January 2022) has taken the crown for being one of the best hearing aids. This is also a great music- streaming hearing aid. 

2. Phonak: Phonak Audeo Marvel 

Phonak is among the leading names of hearing aid manufacturing brands. Two of the brands’ best are Venture and Audeo Marvel- both are great to stream music. Phonak’s devices are known to have more processing power. This results in reduced battery consumption, so batteries last longer. They’re also known to produce the most accurate sound. Audeo Marvel is one of the latest releases from Phonak, and delivers an excellent music streaming experience. 

3. Starkey: Starkey Muse 

Starkey uses its quad-core twin compression technology in its famous Muse hearing aid. The device provides high definition sound experience by adding depth and ambiance. Starkey also offers a range of control points so that you can customize your music experience per your comfort. 

4. NANO: NANO Sigma 

Operational since 2017, NANO is comparatively new in making hearing Aids. Their average rating is at an astonishing 4.7/5. NANO is known widely for focusing on user comfort and being comparatively less expensive. Sigma is NANO’s only Bluetooth streaming hearing aid. The wireless app control on this device helps you navigate and customize your hearing experience fully from your mobile device. 

Moreover, it comes with 4 environmental sound settings and adaptive technology. Some other key features are feedback cancellation, background noise reduction, and digital sound processing. Everything added together, the device provides you with a great music streaming experience. 

Bottom Line On The Best Streaming Hearing Aids

Music is an integral part of human life. With the help of technology, now all of us can enjoy it. Hearing aids that stream music can bring the color of music in all our lives. The solution is a Bluetooth-compatible hearing aid that offers a wide range of frequencies. 

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Does Streaming Music On My Hearing Aid Drain The Connected Phone? 

Hearing aids use Bluetooth to connect to your phone or audio device and stream music. Bluetooth usage drains the battery on any kind of device. So, yes- streaming music on your hearing aid drains the connected phone. Turn off the Bluetooth mode of your phone when you are not actively streaming music to reserve the battery. 

How Long Do Bluetooth Hearing Aids Last? 

Bluetooth hearing aids can last 3-7 years. It depends on their quality/make, how it is being used and taken care of, etc. You should have your hearing aids checked by your doctor every 6-8 months to ensure it’s in good shape. 

What Does Streaming Mean With Hearing Aids? 

Streaming with hearing aids means transmitting live audio from a mobile/audio device directly into your hearing aids. It is not just listening to music- you can also listen to podcasts, news, audiobooks, tv shows, etc.

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