Comparing Daily And Monthly Contact Lenses

daily vs monthly contact lenses comparison

If you have already switched to contact lenses, you must be enjoying obstruction-free vision. Well, at some point or the other, you would be in a dilemma over whether to go for daily or monthly contact lenses. Most people buy contact lenses online these days from reputed brands, considering the wide range of options and easy availability. However, you need to decide whether daily or monthly lenses would suit your needs. 

To clear your doubt, this post presents a comparison between both these types of lenses. Once you understand the perks and drawbacks of each category, you can make an informed decision. 

What Are Daily And Monthly Contact Lenses? 

Daily disposable lenses, or daily contacts are those that you need to throw away after using throughout the day. The next morning, you get a fresh pair to wear, and repeat the process. This implies that you need not take the hassles of storing or cleaning the lenses for the next day. However, you won’t be able to remove the lenses in the middle of the day. In case you need to, you would have to put on a fresh pair. 

Monthly contact lenses have more thickness as compared to their daily counterparts. You need to cleanse them daily and store the pair throughout the month. To prevent protein buildup and infections, it’s imperative to disinfect and clean these lenses every day. 

Should You Buy Daily Or Monthly Contact Lenses? 

Your lifestyle, comfort, and budget largely determine whether you should go for daily or monthly contacts. Here are a few aspects to prioritize before you make the purchase decision. 

1. Comfort 

Firstly, it’s important to consider what you are comfortable with. One can purchase air optix plus hydraglyde contact lenses online these days. The primary material is silicone hydrogel, which enhances the oxygen flow to the cornea by five times. This keeps the eyes comfortable and healthy for longer periods. Most monthly lenses are made from this material. 

Daily lenses are thinner and are made from a thinner material offering greater flexibility. Now, you need to consider your comfort level. Depending on your lifestyle, you should consider whether to go for daily or monthly lenses. If you engage in outdoor activities, and the exposure requires you to remove lenses frequently, you can go for daily lenses. Otherwise, you can settle for monthly contact lenses as you won’t be removing them too often. 

2. Your Age 

Young people can go for daily contacts, particularly if they are new to lenses. They may accidentally damage the lenses or rub their eyes with the lenses in. Even if the lenses get torn, they can simply replace them. 

However, as you grow habituated with contacts, you can simply switch to monthly lenses. 

3. Cost-Effectiveness 

Daily lenses need frequent replacements. Naturally, this wouldn’t be a cost-effective option for you. Although you can purchase daily contacts online at an affordable cost, monthly contacts would be a better option for you. Considering what your budget permits, you need to decide between daily and monthly contact lenses. 

Now that you can choose the type of contact lens that would suit you ideally, make sure to purchase them from a branded manufacturer. Simply reach out to their online portal and customize the contact lenses as per your preferences. 

Low Costs Lenses 

When it comes to monthly and daily contact lenses, it's all about personal preference. You have to make the decision on what is right for your vision needs and budget.

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