How Retail Stores Can Cash In On Payment Time

how retail stores can cash in on payments

While starting a business - and especially a small, boutique retail business - you have so much to think about that you begin to see things in a rather linear fashion. You split the retail space you have into areas: this area is for customers to examine merchandise, this area is where they can speak to staff about problems, this is where they pay for their goods - and you don’t see much beyond that. Every area has its designated point of use, so that’s what you use them for. 

As good as an idea as this is on the surface, the reality is that you could be missing a trick. Let’s focus on the register; the moment at which the goods you are selling stop belonging to you, and become the property of one of your eager customers. That’s the entire point of the store, after all - so it’s easy to think there’s not much you need to do, except ensure the cash register works and you have some way to control any queues that might begin to develop. 

The reality to this is very different indeed. The register might be the point at which a sale concludes, but it could also be the start of another one - you just need to make sure you’re making the most of the register area. 

#1 - Be Friendly 

A warm smile and a few friendly questions go a long way to making a customer feel welcome in your store. The more welcome they feel, the more likely they will be to return. So whether it’s you or a member of staff, insist on a good smile and polite conversation at the register. 

#2 - Display Small Purchases 

Taking advantage of impulse purchases is an essential for the register; that’s why all the candy is stocked near the register in grocery stores. So buy in a few simple bits and pieces specifically for this area; jewelry which can be displayed on stands is a good option, as are magnets, and other small trinkets. No matter what your store sells, these items are always popular for register goods - they look good, they’re relatively inexpensive, and it’s easy for customers to see something they like and just go for it - all without the usual considerations they might make prior to a purchase. 

#3 - Advertise On The Receipt 

The receipt that you hand over at the register doesn’t just have to be details of the transaction - in fact, you’re missing a trick if that’s all it is. Instead, print details of forthcoming sales events or even discount coupons. Everyone loves a bargain, so it’s well worth having a little thank you on the receipt - which will, of course, encourage them back to your store. 

With the techniques above, you can guarantee that the register checkout is not just about what a customer has already bought. Instead, it can be about guaranteeing their eyes and potentially their money far into the future.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about how traditional brick and mortar retail stores can cash in on payment time and survive retail-pocalypse.

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