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There will come a time in your online business where you feel that it's time to step away from the keyboard and build a store where customers can come and buy products face to face. Crossing the line from ecommerce to a physical shop is an enormous task, but it is a great investment to make for your business. Here you will see a step by step guide to everything you need to consider when building your store. 

Location, Location, Location 

When it comes to retail stores, it's all about the location. Think about your target audience, where do they live? Where will be the best possible place to set up shop in the local area where you will be in front of your prospective customers? These are the first questions you must ask yourself before purchasing a plot of land or renting a building. Where is the best place to be seen?

The Exterior 

Once you've got your building, you will have to think about logistics. You want your shop to stand out from the rest, so you will want to invest in a large sign to hang on the storefront. An architecturally stunning aluminum canopy will provide a framework for the doorway and will create a talking point amongst locals. And it may even be worth adding shopping carts if you have heavy items in the store. Make the most of the space you have and make it look outstanding, this way everyone will remember your store above the rest. 

The Interior 

Vinyl for the walls, shelving for your items, a desk, and tills for the cashier station... there are many things to consider when you step in store. Decide on a bright, light and inviting color scheme for your shop and run with that, making sure the theme runs throughout and looks professional. Take a look at these Budget Store Designs for some inspiration! Use window space to display your products or hang a vinyl which depicts in-store offers and must-haves. Credit 


Once you've built your store, you will have to decide who is going to run it. Whether it be yourself or a trusted member of your team, you may need to hire a few extra helping hands to keep the business running smoothly, and shelves stocked up. Now will also be the time to decide what your opening hours will be, which will, in turn, determine how many staff members you must employ to cover the time. 

Get The Word Out 

Once your shop is ready for opening, make sure you share the story on your social media accounts and website. You may even want to share the whole process from start to finish as a way of drawing customers in and racking up interest within the local community. Host a launch party, invite members of the community to your store and provide food, drink, and information about your company. Showing from the off that you are engaged in the local community will set you apart from your competitors and give that edge which should drive people through your doors.

I hope you enjoyed this article about everything you need to build a successful storefront and maximize your retail store success.

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