5 Ways To Improve Employee Mood

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The mood of your employees dictates their attitudes, which reflect the moral of your company. The happiness of your employees is crucial since they’re the ones who represent your company to the public, especially in areas of sales and customer service. This means you need to make sure they’re satisfied, and assuring that goes far beyond financial compensation. Unlike benefits or a raise that will improve their contentment only temporarily, some small and inexpensive changes can actually have a long-term impact. 

1. Workplace Design 

There is nothing more common that uninspiring and bland workplaces, so it’s understandable that you maybe didn't think twice about your office design. But our surroundings have a great impact on our mood, so it’s about time to make a change. Natural light is proven to be the highest office perk, so get rid of those fluorescent lights which strain employees’ eyes. You don't have to tear down the walls for floor-to-ceiling windows - simply face desk towards the windows and remove blinds, eventually consider removing cubical walls which are blocking sunlight. Don’t tear down all the cubicles, though - every employee needs a place for both - privacy and collaboration. It would be best to have common areas for team projects and rooms for individual work designated to every employee. The fitness facility is definitely a plus, and no one will complain to a game room. 

2. Control 

The feeling of control definitely boosts our mood. So, when it comes to workplace design, you should always leave room for their personal decorations. Let them customize their workstations by adding a personal touch - it’s very important to let them show their unique personalities. But this is not everything you can do to give them more control - give them some freedom when it comes to their work habits and schedules. Not only they’ll feel better with alternative work schedules such as telecommuting or flextime, but they’ll also be more productive. And last, but not the least - put them in control of their own success. You can accomplish this with organized activities such as sales competitions. If they’re allowed to set their own personal goals they won’t feel them as obligations but as true accomplishments. 

3. Work-Life Balance 

This is the most important type of control, and therefore the crucial one. That’s why alternative schedules are so important - today’s schedules are equally demanding outside work, so there needs to be a balance. Everyone’s private obligations are different and that’s why you need to allow them to customize. 

But that’s not the end. In order to make that balance truly work, you should provide them with concierge services - from everyday errands, across elder care for their aging family members, to maid services for their home. And remember that maternity and paternity leave is a touchy subject, crucial for work-life balance - provide ample time for it. 

4. Company Events 

Everybody knows that company events are highly effective communication tools at both - internal and external levels. They’re great for advertising products and services to potential clients and other companies, widening the network of contacts and meeting new customers, increasing sales and promoting your business. But they also strengthen the ties between the employees themselves and allow them to meet their colleagues and other professionals in their field. They can be symposiums, conferences, meeting, dinners, but also recreational events that will bring some fun inside the company. There is no better way to improve your employee's mood than to combine work and play in some attractive setting. It will definitely help them regain strength and fight off the stress. So organize gastronomy workshop, a paintball championship, or simply let The Launch Squad organize one killer karaoke party. No matter what event you choose, it could serve as an ideal context for the collective appreciation, recognition, and celebration of objectives and successes achieved by an individual, team, or the whole company. 

5. Lack Of Time 

Don’t just account for the time they spend inside an office. One of the biggest sources of employee’s unhappiness lies in commuting. Stuck in the bad commutes we all feel powerless, frustrated, and stressed. But there is a way to make that unhappiness go away. You can adjust your beginning and ending time based on the traffic in the area. And you can also review your late arrival policies. If you severely reprimand your employees for arriving late they’ll just get more stressed during a bad commute and walk into the office completely miserable. 

Another thing that turns time into their enemy is tight deadlines. But, when trying to free up more of their time, you should be aware that sometimes they waste it themselves. Mostly on meetings, especially conference calls, time is wasted an employee mood diminishes. There’s always a lot of unnecessary chitchat present, so try to organize them at the end of the day or before lunchtime when their empty stomachs or the urge to get home will make them cut to the chase. 

That’s all it takes to improve the mood of your employees - awareness of their office surroundings, providing them with enough control for a work-life balance, some fun and social connections, and time-efficiency.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the best ways to improve employee moods and increase the chances of productive workers.

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