How To Boost Employee Morale On A Budget

One of the best ways to increase the efficiency of your company and improve interpersonal relations is to do something that would boost employee morale. Many studies have confirmed that happy workers are more committed and productive, which is why it really makes sense to let them know you appreciate them and the effort they are putting in. 

Knowing how to do that properly is not easy, but it is far from impossible. Also, you do not have to break the bank to achieve your goal, since there are many ways of showing appreciation that cost little or no money at all. So, let us have a look at some inexpensive ways of boosting employee morale. 

Praise Individual Effort and Results 

It is really important to acknowledge people’s effort and results, either at staff meetings or privately. The praise can also be in a written form, as a personal “thank-you” note. No matter what method you choose, the message you convey should be clear – you have noticed someone’s great work and you appreciate it. Treat your workers like royalty and they will work harder for you!

Bring Results Under the Spotlight 

If you feel that your employees might feel their work makes no difference whatsoever, try to show them concrete results of your work. If they can see the impact of their work, they will feel more energized and motivated to continue doing a great job. Naturally, not every company can show some tangible and visible results, but those who can should definitely show their employees that what they do does make a difference. 

Allocate Responsibility 

If you give some of your responsibility to your colleagues, they will feel more involved and interested in making a good impression. Needless to say, not every person is willing to take on more responsibility, so be careful when making your appointments. However, if you have people willing and eager to show you what they can do, you have hit the jackpot. 


Create events for your colleagues or send them to some that they might find interesting. You do not even have to send them all to the same event, but rather find something they would be interested in. It is not that complicated to organize such a treat, particularly since you do not have to go through the trouble of buying tickets in a traditional way. Instead, you can use a fast and reliable ticketing software to do that job for you. 


Some people would be most interested in learning new skills, which is why you should consider offering appropriate training for those who deserve it and who wish to learn more. Also, if employees have an opportunity to develop professionally, they are much less likely to leave the company and we all know the direct and indirect costs of staff turnover. 

Small Perks 

Another way of showing appreciation and boosting employee morale is to offer some perks, such as working from home once a week, if possible. Remote working, flexible working hours and similar benefits go a long way in improving employees’ attitude towards work. Provide your employees with updated new PCs so they can work faster.

You can also choose to give some presents to commemorate important milestones, such as five or ten years of employment, but make sure you choose a present that is suitable for the person and occasion. Alternatively, you could take the employee and their partner out for dinner. These simple and low-cost acts help to boost employee morale magnificently. 

Also remember that studies have suggested that dog-friendly offices are more productive and employees enjoy reduced levels of stress!

The Bottom Line On Boosting Employee Morale

The most important thing is to do something to show appreciation and acknowledge and not let the employees’ effort go unnoticed. If you have identified those who deserve your praise and reward, you need to think carefully about what you can do for them. Take into account the needs of particular individuals before choosing your next step. 

If you manage to show your gratitude properly, you will not only have more loyal and productive employees among those on the receiving end, but you will also have set a good example to those who have still not deserved such recognition. Once they see that there is a reward system in place and that their employer notices and recognizes excellent work, they are much more likely to work harder and better in the future.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about ways to boost employee morale and motivate on a shoestring budget.

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