Ways to Improve Office Morale and Retain and Recruit Excellent Employees

improve office morale retain recruit excellent employees

If you stop and think about it, employees probably spend more of their awake hours at work versus anywhere else. For this reason, it's important to provide an environment that's friendly, appealing and engaging. Many business owners tend to lose sight of the fact that an employee's commitment to working hard only works if they feel that they play an important role in the overall success of the business. If your bottom line isn't what you want it to be, you have the ability to improve it. By simply making a few changes to the office environment, offering incentives for excellent work performance, and making time for fun things together, you'll encourage your employees to work harder and ultimately enjoy a higher percentage of long-time staffers. 

Awesome Break Room 

If you want prompt employees and a tight-knit staff at your workplace then a break room can help to provide both. This designated space gives people a chance to sit and interact together. It also lets them store their lunch or purchase one at work, doing away with the need for leaving the building. You can have items like tea, coffee and hot chocolate, sodas, sandwiches and a wide range of healthy snacks. Outside of the break room, water coolers for offices provide a way for your staff to stay hydrated and get up to stretch their legs and interact with other employees. That source of refreshment only a few minutes away from their seat can give them a focus boost and get the creative juices flowing, helping to solve problems and craft new ideas for the company. 

Incentives To Drive Up Sales 

Employee incentive programs are not new to businesses. In fact, many make it a regular practice to reward employees for their hard work. While you may feel they already receive a competitive salary, when a person feels there's no way to increase their weekly paycheck they tend to slack off or look for another job. You can avoid both scenarios from playing out by rewarding with a monthly bonus or a yearly bonus. Companies like insurance agencies, use this tool as a way to drive up their numbers each month. The small percentage that their employees earn each month gets the office motivated and as a result, you reap the benefits. You can also use paid time off instead of a monthly monetary bonus as well. 

Open The Lines Of Communication 

If you own a large business, it's very easy for an individual to feel that their presence and efforts don't matter. A way to avoid this is to engage in conversations and open up a dialog with your employees. Monthly meetings to explain where the company stands at present and where you want to take it for the future, provide good ways to keep your staff informed. It also lets them voice their opinions and bring some of their own ideas to the table for an open discussion. A suggestion box may seem like a tool of the past, but it can still prove very effective. 

Share The Profits On A Small Scale 

All an employee really wants is to feel appreciated to excel at what they do. Making the company a fun place to work won't cause employees to goof off, but rather quite the opposite. Since they spend a good portion of each day working for you, making it upbeat and having something to look forward to makes the time go by quickly and keeps your employees engaged in reaching your goals. 

Doing things like casual Fridays, free lunch once a month, a yearly picnic, and a holiday office party are a few of the things that excite most employees while also giving them a way to mingle and be themselves. 

If you as a business owner feel that your numbers are not where they should be, it may be that your office morale is low. Thankfully, there are many ways to improve it quickly and get your profits climbing upwards again.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to improve your office staff morale and improve employee recruitment along with retention.

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