How To Improve Company Morale And Reap The Rewards

Company morale is not something that gets spoken about much when you look for business advice. Which is strange considering how important it is to the success of a company. When morale is high, everyone is motivated to work hard and improve. You and your employees will be at the peak of your productivity, with everyone getting along well and collaborating effectively. You’ll be amazed at how much better your business can be when morale is high. 

This raises the question; how do you improve company morale if it isn’t high? Believe it or not, but it’s actually not that difficult at all. 

Have An Open Office Space 

Company morale can often be low because of the office everyone works in. If you’ve got everything closed off with people working in booths, then it doesn’t create a great environment. It feels too strict and forced, morale will drop massively. Instead, you need to make your office space more open and relaxed. Don’t keep areas secluded or separate everyone with booths. It shouldn’t feel strict, it should give the feeling that everyone is welcome and the place is friendly. Immediately, this will boost morale and keep your employees happy. A lot of people keep their office very closed off and sectioned as they think it helps productivity. In reality, it makes people hate going to work, which has the opposite effect. 

Give Out Awards 

Another great way to improve company morale is by giving out awards to your employees. This will make them happy that their hard work isn’t going unnoticed. It will also create friendly competitions that get everyone working harder to try and win the awards. They don’t have to be crazy awards, and you don’t have to put on a proper ceremony. Some companies sell little plaques you can buy and hand out every month, it’s a really easy and fun way of boosting morale in the company. If you wanted to, you could put on a big ceremony at Christmas as the end of year event. 

Provide Positive Feedback 

A lot of employers are guilty of only providing negative feedback. As such, your employees will always hear when they’ve done things wrong, and never hear the good stuff. This results in low morale, which needs to be boosted. Make sure you provide positive feedback along with negative stuff. Just like awards, this shows employees their work isn’t going unnoticed. Positive feedback really boosts morale and makes everyone feel more comfortable at work. 

When all’s said and done, company morale is at its highest when business is booming. If your business is successful and making money, everyone in the company is happier and more motivated. But, to achieve this, you need a productive workforce that’s already happy. By doing the three things mentioned above, you can do just that. 


Morale will increase, which leads to improved productivity, which stimulates business activity, which leads to success, which boosts morale even more! Once you get this cycle going, your company will be hard to stop.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to improve company morale and reap the benefits to your bottom line.

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