How To Diagnose A Struggling Business Website

diagnosing struggling business website

Back in the days, you could proudly announce that you have a business website and generate nods of approval from whoever asked. These days, on the other hand, people have completely stopped asking. It’s taken for granted - just like you wouldn’t ask a shop owner if he actually has a shop. You try to stay afloat and follow up on the trend like the good business owner you are - but the leads are few, and your visitors only hang around for a bit.

Sure, you know all about search engine optimization, content creation, the never-ending talk about web design - the list goes on and, frustratingly enough, maintaining your virtual storefront isn’t what you signed up for. 

Any decent website can fall behind quickly enough and, sometimes, the signs of a struggling website isn’t always as straightforward as they make it seem. 

Your Website Is Too Focused On Selling 

It sounds strange, but many business owners forget that a website is about more than generating sales. Ultimately, making a sale is what you’re looking for - but most of the first-time visitors to your site might not be looking to buy something right away. 

You need to give them a reason to hang around for a bit, in other words, capture their interest, include enough leads around the site, and make it likely that they return to your site when they’re actually looking to buy. The principle of providing value and offering a strong user experience is essential to your digital strategy.

Think about what your target group would like to find answers to and how your website can help them. It’s a good idea to invest in a visual visitor to map out who your audience is, making it a bit easier to answer their questions and give them the kind of blog post content they’d love to enjoy with a cup of coffee. 

This goes beyond cashing in and generating sales. Help your audience and they’re likely to return to your website rather than your competitor’s. Make a good first impression and add value for your visitors. 

Your Website Is Too Focused On Design 

Some business owners spend all their time and energy on making sure their website is designed beautifully and navigates with ease. This is great stuff, but all the talk about web design and the importance of various elements can take the focus away from what you’re actually trying to do; to help your audience and make them understand how great the products and services you offer are. 

A smooth web design can take a lot of the frustration away from navigating their way around, that’s for sure, but it’s not necessarily going to boost your sales. All it’s going to do is eliminating the pitfalls of having a poorly designed website - and this is something you should have managed in any way. 

When you get it right, stop focusing on the design, and stop listening to all the friendly advice from your family members. It’s just taking your focus away from improving your business. 

Build A Better Business Website

With so many great-looking websites out there, it’s no wonder that many small business owners get caught up in trivialities. All they need to do is concentrate on what they do best, create a decent website, and spread the word online

If you’ve found the right market for your business and given them enough reason to trust you, your site will enjoy increased traffic and many more sales to come. Take your website to the next level and your overall business will follow. It's all about web design that works well!

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I hope you enjoyed this article about how to properly diagnose a struggling business website and optimize it for success.

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