6 Bad Online Marketing Habits To Quit

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Good marketing is essential for making your ingenious new product or service into a full-fledged success. It’s not just about dishing out a good product, it’s also about convincing people that they need it, and that it is just what they’ve been looking for. It takes quite a bit of thought to develop a marketing strategy that is effective, yet sublime enough so that people won’t see right through it. 

Marketing has been around for ages, but with the advance of the Internet it’s grown to a whole new level. Nowadays ads are everywhere, and they’re constantly being developed to be more effective. That being said, there are still a few things you can do to make sure that your marketing strategy is good enough to draw new clients in. Here are a few tips that we’re sure will come in handy when planning your next marketing campaign. 

1. Not Frequently Updating Your Blog 

If your last blog post is a month ago, Google isn’t going to include it in a lot of searches, because there are a lot of other sites that are constantly updating their content and such sites have higher priority in Google’s eyes. No matter how well-made your blog is, if it isn’t up to date it isn’t going to appear on Google, which means that you aren’t going to draw a lot of new customers in. 

You might think that it’s counter-productive to dish out filler blog posts just so your blog will be updated, and that may be true, but it’s also kind of an excuse. Constantly keep your mind on creating new, interesting and relevant content that isn’t filler (or at least, not completely filler) and you’ll find that it will benefit your business greatly. 

2. Neglecting Web Analytics 

Online analytics are hands-down the best way to tell you what sells on the Internet these days. Look at the numbers a few times a week and try to deduce how you can improve your website based on those numbers. 

And honestly, looking at analytics is a lot easier than before. Some time ago you didn’t have applications such as Google Analytics that could provide you with this important information, and you’d have to do the research yourself. It’s still a bit of a tedious process, but significantly watered down compared to how it was a decade ago. 

3. Not Hiring Industry Experts 

Internet marketing is a creative process and requires you to know quite a bit about a number of things, and trying to do all of it yourself can often backfire, because you simply aren’t equipped with all the necessary knowledge, especially if you’re just starting off. 

Because of this, you should seriously consider putting together a team of experts, each of them in their own respective field, to help you out. This will yield you the best results, because not only will it split the workload, but you’ll have a number of people who you can trust and who know how to do their job. 

4. Dishing Out Huge Amounts of Text 

The more the better, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, with the constant distractions that plague Internet users nowadays, our attention spans are significantly shorter than they were several years ago, and most people will give up on your email newsletters or blog post if it’s too long or too broad. 

And besides, more content definitely doesn’t equate to better content. In fact, the fewer words you can use to make your point and elaborate your product/service, the less time and energy it will take the reader to understand what you’re on about – and therefore, the more likely they are to remain interested. 

5. Skimping On Digital Security 

What does security have to do with Internet marketing, you ask? Plenty, actually. Since most of your work is going to be conducted via the web, you’re going to be exposed to a variety of online security risks. There’s nothing worse than having a huge DDoS or a data leak happen to you, the moment that you thought everything else was going perfectly. 

The problem is that people these days don’t really comprehend how important Internet security is, until it’s too late. So don’t let that happen to you; set yourself up with some security plugins (if you’re using WordPress, there’s a myriad to choose from), perhaps a two-step authentication system and a good VPN to encrypt your connection. 

6. Utilizing Clickbait Tactics

If your titles sound something like “This Product Will Change Your Life Forever”, you’re doing it wrong. These titles are misleading, annoying to readers, and not even that effective these days. The fact of the matter is that people have been avoiding these ploys, so by using it you’re actually bound to lose their trust instead of gaining it. 

Be as honest as possible with your product, and don’t resort to misleading titles. If what you’re offering is a quality brand, you aren’t going to need it anyway, and you certainly don’t want to chase your clientele away. It’s an annoying marketing habit that needs to disappear, and the sooner it does, the better for all of us. 


Hopefully these few useful tips have inspired you to improve your marketing strategies and given you a new perspective on some strategies you already employ. Internet marketing is all about keeping up with the times, sticking with strategies that have proven to be effective and dropping the other ones. 

It’s also about subtlety, drawing your audience in and building trust from the moment they stumble upon your product, and the difference between the good marketing and the bad is often only in the subtlety itself. We wish you the best of luck in all your further Internet marketing endeavors, and as long as you keep these tips in mind we’re certain that they’re going to be successful. 

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