Top 25 Most Irritating Business Buzzwords

In business, clear and direct communication is essential. It can help you and your team set measurable results, as well as build trust between you and your clients. Buzzwords inhibit this direct communication as they're often vague or so overused that they've lost meaning. 

Some are so commonly used that we forget they're buzzwords. Others are so terrible they make us cringe. Over-utilizing these terms ends up being poor business etiquette at best and a potential career liability at worst. 

To point out how ridiculous buzzwords are, GetVoIP created this infographic on 25 of the most irritating business buzzwords. They also included how much the word's usage has increased in print over the past 30 years. Can you believe knowledge transfer's use has increased 1077% or that take offline's use has increased 1579%? Read this business infographic to explore the rest of these overused buzzwords!

25 Business Buzzwords that Irritate Your Colleagues

Of course, countless words can be added to the list: 

- Actionable 
- Buy-in 
- Circle back 
- Core competency 
- Paradigm shift 
- Raise the bar 
- Scalability 
- State of the art 

Though it’s tempting, and often easy, to use one of these phrases, it’s more beneficial to express yourself in a more insightful and concrete way. This will help you sound more intelligent and gain credibility amongst your colleagues. Don’t forget to rid buzzwords from your self-promotional vocabulary too. According to LinkedIn, some of the most overused resume buzzwords are motivated, creative, enthusiastic, driven, successful, and strategic. The way you communicate, whether via email, phone, or in-person, sends a strong message to others about your personality and your company culture, so avoid using those annoying buzzwords. If we left off buzzwords that make you cringe, don’t hesitate to share it with us in the comments!


I hope you enjoyed this article about the most irritating business buzzwords and annoying resume terms. 

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