5 Offline Marketing Tips To Improve Your Marketing

best offline marketing tips improving business

You can be forgiven for thinking that with the digital revolution fingering every part of our lives, that offline marketing is dead. Old-fashioned, old-hat and passé, why on earth would you want leaflets and business cards, brochures and banners? Because they are still worthwhile offline marketing techniques that connect people with your business. 

These five affordable offline marketing tips, brought to you by Colour Graphics, will make you question and reconsider your approach to marketing. Are your marketing activities hitting all the right notes? 

#1 Network 

The first thing that came to mind when you read the sub-heading was spending hours at a hosted session, attempting to strike up conversations with everyone in the room. And failing, miserably. 

However, networking is another work for conversation and rather than attending mass networking events where everyone else seems to know each other, have a conversation with people who would be willing to buy or trial your product. 

A bit like a celebrity endorsement, there are key influencers in your field. A bit like the Delia Smith effect on sales of eggs or a certain kind of cheese. Once an influential person tells people they like something, people want it. 

Look for key influential bloggers in your field, ask local celebrities to give your stuff a try and highlight your product for you and so on. Look for another business that complement yours, and work together on creating a buzz around what you do. 

#2 Flyers And Brochures 

These offline marketing tools have been around since the beginning of time! They were used for all kinds of things, from rousing mobs of unhappy workers during the Industrial Revolution to propaganda leaflets during conflicts and wars. Flyers and brochures have stood the test of time for one reason: because they work!

They carry a message and they place it right in front of people. Hire energetic people to get flyers pushed through doors or handed out in the street outside your business or event. And consider paying for leaflet drops wither via the post or in local, free papers. 

#3 Business Cards 

They are tangible. They are small enough to carry about your person so no matter when or where you come across a potential partner or customer, you have all the information you need contained on a small piece of card. 

Name, business name, phone number, email, social media channels, every piece of information new contacts need is clearly contained on that small piece of card. Your logo is there too, your brand recognition is being built and you show yourself as being organised and professional, something that speaks just as loud as the business card itself. 

A relatively inexpensive and cost-effective investment, have a plan on how you intend to use business cards to make them work as hard for you as they possibly can. 

#4 Infographic Newsletters 

Newsletters?! Really?! In today's digital age

Yes, really and this is why; 

When a newsletter is an indirect marketing tool, they are an affordable investment that bring about new customers immediately, and in the future too. But why? 

You will have seen infomercials on the TV. Adverts that last slightly longer and come at product-selling from a different angle. For example, its cold and flu season, the advert tells us, and there are ways, it goes on, that we can stay healthy this winter. It tells us we need to stay warm and active and it also says that at the first signs of ‘coughs and tickles’, we need to buy a reliable cough mixture product. And guess what? They have just the product. 

You can emulate this with a printed newsletter. As a pest control company, you know that winter is a time that rats and mice can be a problem in domestic properties as they seek shelter from the wind and rain. So why not give out some handy hints and tips on rodent proofing your property? Keep rubbish in sealed bins, seal gaps in walls and so on. But, if the homeowner does think they have a mouse family in the cellar, or any other pest problem, they can give you a call for advice and an amazing pest-control service

And because you have supplied fantastic information and suggestions in your infographic, people are likely to contact you. 

Make these printed newsletters a regular feature, and you will become known as the go-to business. 

#5 Sponsorship 

You know the kids’ football in your village? They are struggling to replace their kits this year. You know the old people’s charity at the community center? They are struggling for funds this year to say the least. 

Your business may not have cash to throw away so make it work for you. It is a form of indirect advertising but, it is expected that as a business, should you sponsor or donate something, you should get something in return and your business name in bold letters across football kits is perfect for getting your business recognized within the community. 


Which of these five offline marketing suggestions will you use for your business branding? Tweet us at @MikeSchiemer #BootstrapBusiness to give your experiences and opinions using traditional marketing.

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I hope you enjoyed this article on some great frugal offline marketing tips that will change your business approach to marketing!

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