How To Make First Impressions Count In Business

how to make first impressions count in business

They say it takes a person 7 seconds to make their mind up about something or someone based on a first impression. That means that the very first glimpse of you, your business, or your website really counts. It also means you can use this knowledge to grab potential clients attention and impress them from the outset. 

To find out how to make a better first impression, read on. 

3 Tips For Better Business First Impressions


It may seem a little basic for many of you out there to get advice on dressing smart to a business meeting, but what we must remember is that the landscape of the corporate world has changed. There are different categories of acceptable clothing to wear, depending on the industry that you are in. As well, as many folks that work from home most of the time, and see getting out of the pajamas as optional. Making them out of practice in getting scrubbed up for an important meeting or presentation.

Of course, the actual advice here is basic. If in doubt, err on the side of formal. As this will show that you are taking the meeting seriously and you respect those that you are meeting with. Also keep to the basics of business suits, pressed clothes, clean, dry hair, and for ladies natural looking makeup and you can't go wrong, really. 

A clean shave or trimmed beard is usually a good decision for most jobs, meetings, and businesses. 

Your Premises 

Although, it may not be you that your client sees first. In fact, the first thing that they see may be your premises, where you have agreed to meet. That is why it's vital to realize that you buildings say a lot about your business and how well it is doing. 

Things like smart signage with a well-designed logo, a guard shack with traffic flow control, and an immaculate reception area all combine together to create a professional and affluent first impression. One that gives you an advantage in any meeting. This is because it provides the impression that as a company you are doing well, and so, are not desperate for business. 

It also subconsciously lifts your visitor's perception of you and your competence as a company. After all, a business that couldn't do what it was promising wouldn't be doing so well, would it? Something that can help you to seal the deal. Meaning that the first impressions you make on your business premises are ones that should never be neglected. 

Your Website 

Lastly, with so much business being done online, it is also vital that your website makes an excellent first impression. The way to do this is by embracing simplicity, as well as interaction. Too much information on a front page can be overwhelming. So keep it to a minimum of the company logo, links to allow navigation to other parts of the site, especially the store. Something that also must be kept simple and user-friendly. As well as a clip of video or animation summing up what your company is all about. 

You Only Get One Chance To Make A Good First Impression

In this way, you can make a stylish and clear impression on site visitors, and it's this impression that will help them associate your brand with quality, usability, and ease of ordering. Three things that are vital for any business to make sales online. Make it count!

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I hope you enjoyed this article about first impressions being critical to success in the business world

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