How To Go Global With Your Business On A Budget

how to go global with business

When you’re thinking of developing your small business, going global with it can be somewhat of daunting task. A lot of this is due to the budgeting of the finances involved with it. However, times are changing and it’s not as hard as it used to be. More and more people are expanding their businesses into different countries, and so it’s not uncommon for you to have a base in another country within the first few years of trading in order to propel your revenue. But just how cheap is cheap - and what can you expect to be paying out?


The great thing about the internet and other means of technology is that you don’t necessarily need to have a physical base in another country. More so, you just need to have a presence - which can easily be achieved with good marketing skills. There is the obvious social media side that you can dominate quite easily, especially with the target-marketing on where you can focus on a specific demographic. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are for other target marketing, either; whether it is a bulk SMS provider that you need send texts to potential customers or a social media expert controlling your accounts over there to pop in relevant terms and keep up to date with ongoings that can be used in conjunction with what you are selling, it’s all good practice. 

Grounding Your Base 

Offices and rental spaces are easily available to find online, although a lot of businesses are now using hot-desking in order to establish whether their company would be viable in another country. It offers a cheap alternative to going full-hog and committing to a term that you would have to pay for regardless of how well your business is doing. The more research you can put into just how effective your trading will be in another country, the more that this will save you in the long run; working out cheaper alternatives to what you are doing can be done as long as you have solid facts and evidence to work off.


Generally speaking, if you employ staff in the country that you are looking to expand into, it will be cheaper than sending over a member of your own team to establish themselves elsewhere. There are certain remunerations that you will have to consider if you the latter, as well as having to fund the basics such as travel costs. 

It is easy to recruit people from another country if you put an application online, but it’s always imperative that you meet with them in person to ensure that they are the best candidate for the job. Employing on a short-term or self-employed contract is a good backup to make sure that you are taking this process step by step rather than throwing yourself into it too quickly. 


If you consider the basics of business and how to go about utilizing free sources that are available to you, such as social networking, going global with your business has the potential to be one of the cheapest things that you can do with it.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about how to go global with your business in an affordable manner without setting yourself up for failure.

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