5 Reasons SEO Is Still The Number One Marketing Tool

SEO has been around for many years now. Some say that it hit a peak around 2012-2014, decreasing in popularity as Google started releasing more regulations to abide by. Other solutions cropped up - link-building, affiliation and direct targeting - yet the versatility of SEO started creeping back as soon as everybody started getting their heads around the new rules. It is a creation of marketing genius; there are companies who run specifically on SEO strategy, enabling them to always turn out to be the most recommended and the best to customers who are looking for a solution.

It Is Proven 

There’s no escaping from the fact that Search Engine Optimisation has a proven history of working. Google introduces different algorithms to cut out the spam, ensuring that their search engine is providing results that actually relate to what people are looking for - you may already be aware of the infamous Hummingbird algorithm that was released a decade ago. This just means that to work around it, you will need to provide good, quality content to your readers. Where’s the harm in that? 

It’s Cheap 

When considering other advertising and marketing methods, there are definitely more expensive ways to get yourself noticed. It all adds up over time; a lot of people are heading towards social media for their main go-to, with the imagery portrayed being extremely important for your branding. However, this doesn’t mean SEO companies aren’t worth their weight in gold. For what you would spend for organic SEO, it wouldn’t get you half of the advertising that you would need to make the same impact on a site like Facebook. 

Attract Local Business 

If you are optimising your SEO to attract local business, this is definitely a step in the right direction. If you’re not, it’s time that you started figuring out how. More and more people are looking for companies that are close to them. Whereas previously we were all for putting our faith in online businesses, nowadays there is a great push on supporting local businesses. This is only good news for you. It means that, if you live in a town or a city, you are more likely to receive custom from within it - which is great if it’s got a high population and you’re at the top of the search rankings.


If you do a search online, you’re more likely to trust the first business that comes up in your results than one that’s at the bottom of the screen - or even worse, a couple of pages back. Because Google is such a trusted source, potential customers are placing their bets and faith in the first relatable link that comes up, hopefully leading straight to your website. 

Everyone Else Is Doing It 

If you’re not on board with what SEO has got to offer, there will be somebody else who is. Rest assured that they are moving forward at a much quicker pace than you. Get on their platform and make it work for you.

I hope you enjoyed this article about why SEO is still your primary business marketing tool.

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