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There are millions of business books, movies, courses, and products out there. Some of them are hailed as business bibles or marketing must-haves. I've always enjoyed reviewing products in my market so I decided to start posting links to my reviews. These are authentic reviews that I've written during my own time and without compensation. I like to share my experiences with specific products to help others make an informed decision and save their money if possible. This is a brand new portion of my website but there will be many more book reviews and ebook ratings coming soon!

I've been busy with life and work, but recently changed much of my business model. My businesses used to participate in the Amazon Affiliates program for a few years but I've recently (and proudly) gone advertisement and affiliate link free. You can be confident that all of these reviews and commentaries are unbiased and without any financial compensation. I just like sharing my thoughts on a variety of business media.

Talk about influencers! These authors and book subjects have changed the game of the modern economy. Enjoy the business books and business book reviews below:

Steve Jobs By Walter Isaacson

Losing My Virginity: Richard Branson Autobiography

pulling profits out of a hat book review

Pulling Profits Out Of A Hat
Bootstrap Business Review

The Big Short

Steve Jobs Movie

Wall Street Movie

The Art of War

power of broke daymond wayne lean startup frugal entrepreneur sweat equity risk success small business hustle
The Power Of Broke
Bootstrap Business Review
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And let's not forget my new eBook
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I hope you enjoyed this article about book reviews for entrepreneurs, marketers, and startups looking for more business knowledge and motivation.

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