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Losing My Virginity is the autobiography of the world's coolest billionaire businessman: Sir Richard Branson. Richard Branson is the founder of Virgin - you know, Virgin Records, Virgin Airlines, and VIRGIN GALACTIC (just to name a few of his brands). Yes, all real men and women want to go to space simply to say they did it. Don't you dare try and say you don't. Everyone with hopes and dreams should read this book. 

Branson expertly delivers a fast paced read that gets you excited to start your own business and fly around the world in one of those aluminum foil lookin' hot air balloons. Losing my Virginity goes into detail about Branson's wheeling and dealing that turned his magazine into record stores, a label, an airline, and a brand known round the world. As a young man, Branson snagged ads from competing soda companies (Pepsi Co & Coca-Cola) by telling them the other had already reserved a space in his magazine. Brilliant! This is just the beginning. 

Signing controversial rock acts such as The Sex Pistols helped propel Virgin into the spotlight. From there, Branson used his outgoing personality and daredevil mentality to launch the business into the mainstream. From public adventures like sailing and flying around the world - pause. You have to be the man to sail or fly around the world and a) make it and b) not die. Most people would definitely wimp out halfway through. Like I was saying, these adventures helped with the cool, edgy image that is Virgin and Branson played it perfectly. 

I cannot do this book justice by just rambling on about how incredibly cool Richard Branson is. He is a knighted for Christ's sake! However, I can say that any man who wants to learn a hell of a lot about the non-fiscal side of grabbing the business world by the horns and having a blast doing it needs to read this book. It will blow your mind. So ladies and gentlemen - get off your butts, go on Amazon and buy this book. Instead of watching the next pile of reality TV show garbage, read a book about a real man - sauve, adventurous, rich, and the image of cool. This guy bought an island and is bringing space travel to the masses. Enough said. 

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