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The Steve Jobs Biography by Walter Isaacson is a great read for anyone young or old, in business or retired, interested in computers or not. Published shortly after his death, it tells the stories of Steve Jobs including The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Obviously, there is more good than bad because he ended up building up two multi-billion dollar companies that now dominate their industries. But I do greatly appreciate the fact that his book does include his many quirks, flaws, and failures that sometimes get skimmed over by mainstream media, especially posthumously. Everyone should know that you don't create billion dollar brands without having some serious issues and pissing off a  lot of people :) Walter Isaacson, friend of Steve Jobs, does an excellent job portraying the complete picture of his life including the many controversial issues he was the center of. 

This very detailed account tells of Steve's humble beginnings, his adoption, his failed college experience, and his beginnings building computers with "The Woz" Steve Wozniak the genius programmer and best friend. There were his uphill battles to sell his first computers, wars with operating systems, open versus closed programming capacity, battles with Bill Gates and Microsoft, battles against Dell, battles within an Apple company that wanted him out, his transition from Apple to Pixar, and his difficult but ultimately triumphant return to Apple to lead it to the promise land of technology dominance. It also tells of all the crucial players on the way (besides Gates and Wozniak) that helped to make Apple and Pixar such successful brands with strong lasting qualities.

Steve Jobs was not only a stubborn genius that created innovation and new benchmarks for several industries, but he was also an extremely hard worker. He would work so hard (and pushed his team to the brink) so often on so many projects that he would make himself ill on many occasions. He put his whole entire life and being into all of his products and expected perfection. 

Jobs was also a cutthroat businessman and ruthless when it came to taking out the competition and ensuring victory for his enterprises. He often had very difficult decisions to make, as do all entrepreneurs, when it came to making the best products possible and keeping the company from oblivion. I greatly respect this man, warts and all. He had unbeatable enthusiasm for innovation, work ethic, and perfection. If you don't have passion for your profession like this man, you will never be even remotely as successful.

I hope you enjoyed this article reviewing the most famous Steve Jobs biography's, detailing the complex dimensions of the world's most famous college dropout.

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