Bootstrap Business Blog Blitz: Quick Questions - Volume 2

For the last decade I've been asked daily about social media marketing, digital media, entrepreneurship, search engine optimization, retail sales, social selling, and many other topics through various outlets. These business questions come through my website, social media platforms, forums like Medium / Quora / Reddit / Google /, and other outlets. When I have a lot of information to share on a particular subject I'll usually write an in-depth answer in the form of an article here... but I don't always have the time. Sometimes I just give a quick answer, or whatever initially comes to mind without prepping or brainstorming. 

It's actually ending up feeling a bit like hustling entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk's book #AskGaryVee (which I'm finishing now before posting a review), but I've actually been doing this for years with previous businesses. My first Bootstrap Business Blog Blitz was a big hit so I'm going to make this a mainstay on this site. This will be my second installment of Bootstrap Business Blog Blitz, tackling quick questions from readers, viewers, peers, and friends. 

You'll also see plenty of internal links throughout which bring you to full length articles I've written on the subject or supplementary articles. Here we go...
Why don't people delete their Facebook accounts to spend more time and energy on Quora answering business-related questions?

I understand what you’re saying in terms of the distractions Facebook can offer and that for some it can be a “non-business” social network. But why delete a valuable Facebook profile or page and restrict yourself to Quora when you can enjoy many business benefits on both networks. It’s about how you use Facebook, the people you interact with, and the campaigns you are running (organic or paid). I’ve gotten millions of website views to my business websites from Facebook and I’ve collaborated with some of the best marketing experts in my area. If you don't think Facebook has value for your business then you need to check out pages like Neil Patel, Moz, Gary Vaynerchuk, and countless other popular pages.  

What are some clever ways to monetize a Twitter account that focuses on generating engagement and conversation with polls and questions?

I could spend days answering how to monetize Twitter for the average account… but for your specific poll-heavy account inquiry is much more of a challenge. I’d say you’d need to do sponsored posts (“which is your favorite Ford Mustang: 2017 or 1967?” as a very lame example but you get the idea… paid for by Ford), or link your poll to a website you own that is monetized with ads. Or you could charge to send people looking to answer the poll question to another user’s profile or monetized website. It could cause a little drop-off in engagement since you are directing someone off the native platform but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Someone blocked me on Facebook. How do I deal with that?

Move on and live a great life. If you did something wrong to elicit the block then maybe think about what you can do better going forward so it doesn’t happen again. If you were blocked by somebody for no reason then it’s really not worth your energy to dwell on it. There are more important things in life so keep things in perspective.

What service lets you automatically reply to tweets based on keywords?

There are a few services that still offer this feature. Maybe they are flying under the radar for now as small services. But the Twitter platform is dealing with a lot of spam, fake accounts, and automation that are clogging up people’s feeds and reducing the user experience for many. They are well aware that Twitter has lost big market share to Snapchat and Instagram, and that user growth has been stagnant over the past couple years. I’ve seen a very big shift over the past year in Twitter trying to clean up this activity by weakening/restricting/banning certain applications or just locking and suspending suspect accounts. Social Media Automation is great when used appropriately but in this case I’d opt for a better and safer strategy, even if it takes a little more time out of your day.

If I unfriend someone on Facebook, can I still see their posts?

You’ll still be able to see their posts if they’re posting settings are Public. If their post setting is “Friends Only” or even more restrictive, you won’t be able to see them. Audience settings can be set manually be the person or are by default depending on the app being used. For example, Instagram or Foursquare posts to Facebook are often “Friends Only” by default and Cover Photos or Profile Photos are mostly Public by default. These can always be changed after the fact by the user.

Does it still make sense to use hashtags on Twitter?

I absolutely believe it’s necessary for purposes of branding, amplification, and virality. If hashtags are used improperly or too frequently they can be spammy and distracting but when used correctly they will add value to your account.

Keep asking your questions on social media marketing and more and I'll keep answering

I hope you enjoyed this article focusing on the social media questions that are important to you.

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