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There is a common misconception that Leadership and Entrepreneurship can be separated. Entrepreneurs are leaders. Not all leaders are entrepreneurs but every entrepreneur is a leader. 

Entrepreneurship is about selling. Selling is about influence. An entrepreneur must have sway. Once you have influenced someone to the point of action such as making a purchase. You have become a leader in some way. Some may choose to follow your advice. 

So what makes people decide to buy? Benefits. How do they benefit from your product or service? If the reward does not outweigh the price then people will not buy. In other words: What is the overall value of what you are selling? 

Entrepreneurs are masters at adding value. This is what propels businesses from start-ups to multi-million dollar enterprises. Value. The more you can add value to someone else's life the easier they will part with their money for you. A true leader is someone that can add value to your life, while saving you money and simultaneously make money. 

If your product or service is not selling then you are not leading and if you are not leading then you have not built the value enough yet. Build value in your business by working with people who are highly skilled, specialized and innovative. Work with people who are leaders in their field of expertise. A leader should not be the best at everything but should know a little about everything.

Look at motivational speaker Robert Kiyosaki (best-selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad) for instance. His team are the best in their field of expertise. They were already leaders in their field when Robert met them. 

Leaders work with other leaders and become an even greater success. Woolworths is a leader because they add value to people's lives. WhatsApp adds value. I could talk for a year about great businesses that add value to you and your community. If you want to be an entrepreneur that succeeds then you need to learn what it means to become a leader. To become a leader it means, learn, understand and apply what it means to add value. People must want to pay for what you are offering with a smile on their faces. If people cringe a little and close their eyes when it comes time to pay then you are not adding value. 

People have different ideas about what a leader is and what a leader is supposed to do. This is because every person is standing on a different level on the 5 Steps Of Leadership by motivational speaker John C. MaxwellOnce you understand the different levels of leadership you can assess where you are and what you need to do next to climb up the levels. 

A leading entrepreneur has influence over how people decide to spend their money. Not only so, they add value, they are original in what they have to offer. The product or service is of a very high quality. It creates jobs or allows other people a platform with which to make money. Leaders do business with other leaders. When you feel like you are the smartest person in the room then you are in the wrong room. Leaders are imaginative, they are creative. They think of the impossible and then overcome all the physical challenges.

While on the subject of true leaders, I want to speak about Zeroth Energy here because I so believe in what they are trying to achieve! Zeroth is doing what so many have tried to do but failed. Jaco Venter, CEO of Zeroth Energy, is a true leader in my eyes. He managed to develop a system whereby people can go green with solar energy and it requires no capital outlay at all. He gives it to you for free and they only use the best quality products. They install and maintain it for free. This significantly increases the value of your property, reduces energy use, and saves you money immediately. This company is a true leader because it has paved the way for better living for many people. They took away peoples' biggest objection about not being able to afford this type of service. Solar is the next big thing and they are true industry leaders.

If you are in an over-saturated industry you begin to lose the ability to add value. If it's what you are passionate about then make sure you become the best at it. You want to separate yourself from your competition. I would avoid over-saturated industries altogether but if it's your passion I'd say to become a leader you need to hone that skill. When you become the expert you can teach it to others. I will use a practical example. If you want to go into the restaurant industry then make sure it's what you are passionate about. 

So To Summarize: 

As an entrepreneur if you are not selling you are not leading. 

If you are not leading then you are not adding value. 

It's possible to be a leader and not be an entrepreneur. 

It is impossible to be an entrepreneur and not be a leader. 

If you are not a leader you won't sell. 

Build the value. 

Every great leader had to be a follower first. So who are you following?

Nattaley Otto is an entrepreneurship enthusiast and professional blogger that contributes to a variety of websites including Cape Town Trends. You can also connect with entrepreneur Nattaley on Twitter @RiseUp_Rulll.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about leadership within entrepreneurship. Lead the way to business success!

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