Which Office Type Is Right For Your Business?

which office space is right for you

Choosing your first office can be tricky and overwhelming. How can you possibly be an expert at something you’ve never done before? In an ideal scenario, you’ll be able to choose the right office the first time. There’s a laundry list of criteria, and the right office space will fit at least most of them. You should be thinking about both the present and the future, and your office space should be able to satisfy your business on both timelines. 

An Office with a Great Lease 

Nobody wants to think about their business failing, but it’s better to consider this possibility from the beginning. At the very least, you’ll have some peace of mind about what a slow start or a venture that doesn’t take off will do to your financial future. Look for office spaces with great leases. Sometimes, lease terms go for as long as ten years. You may not need the building for ten years even if your business does succeed, so you’ll want to make sure that you can work with the early termination clauses in a lease. Leases are always negotiable – have your lawyer review them. 

An Office That’s Reasonably Priced 

You should never feel like your potential landlord is taking advantage of you. Before you sign anything, make sure you have a good idea of the going rates for similar offices in the same general area. Looking through Gumtree can show you what other landlords are asking for comparable offices. You need to know your rent is fair, even if it’s high. 

An Office That Meets Your Space Requirements 

There’s only a few people working with you now, but how many people will be on your team in six months? What about a year? As your business grows, you’re going to continue to hire people. You need to have a place to put them without cramming your office space wall-to- wall with cubicles. The right office space will give you enough room to grow. Keep in mind you’ll need a variety of work stations, media center setups, and include these common areas in your space requirements. 

An Office in a Convenient Location 

Your employees and clients need to be able to easily commute to your office space. Office spaces out in the middle of nowhere or converted warehouses may offer the lowest rent, but is it really worth it if it’s hard to get to you? 

In the early stages of your business, it’s probably most feasible for you to select an office space that’s outside of a major city, as rent in big metropolitan areas is usually outrageous. The key is to remain close enough to these areas that your office will be a reasonable commute for anyone who needs to get to it. 

An Office That Fits the Style of Your Business 

You get to structure things however you want to. Don’t let the confines of a traditional office space stifle your creativity. Anything can become an office space. If you want to create a fun environment that fosters innovation and communication, you can convert an old warehouse into the perfect office space. If envision lots of separate rooms that offer space of quiet concentration, that’s what you should look for. Plenty of small businesses and startups have chosen unconventional spaces for their offices because they love the freedom. 

Find A Wonderful Workspace

It’s better to spend a long time deliberating than it is to be locked into an office space that’s less than what you hoped for. There’s nothing wrong with being committed to your vision and wanting everything to come together as close to your plan as possible. Be wise with money, and keep your eyes on your future success. 

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I hope you enjoyed this article on how to decide on the right type of office, workplace, or workspace for your business.

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