3 Different Types of Industrial Machinery

different types of industrial machinery manufacturing equipment

Did you know that the construction industry accounted for at least $800 billion last year alone? Despite changing economic conditions, the construction industry is still at the heart of the American economy. 

If you are involved in the manufacturing or construction industries, you no doubt use industrial machinery on a daily basis. 

What types of industrial machinery are available? How can this different manufacturing equipment benefit your business? Why not read on to find out about industrial machinery use in construction. 

Product Building Robots 

The first type of industrial machinery that we will discuss involved machinery or robots building products. In this case, the preparation and assembly of products are almost entirely automated. 

At the start of the line, the raw materials are molded or otherwise prepared. At the finish line, the product has been assembled and is ready for shipping. 

This technology is highly advanced and often only used by the largest companies or for the production of sub-parts of a larger product. It is often very cost-effective since machines are cheaper to employ than humans. 

Since the production robots are almost entirely automated, they require little observations. This means that they should be regularly maintained to ensure efficiency. This would include everything from the replacement of parts to machinery painting. 

Product-Assembling Robots 

In other cases, industrial robots are only required to assemble pre-made parts into the final product. This is often the case with car assembly lines. The individual parts may have been created by human hands with the aid of a milling machine. However, later in production robotic arms assemble the final car. 

This workflow allows for greater flexibility as humans can quickly adapt to new designs or corrections of flaws. These are then integrated into the final product by the assembly robots. 

Human-Robot Interactions 

In other cases, human and industrial machinery will work side-by-side to create the final product. You may well have seen this on assembly lines. 

In some cases, materials or parts are simply too heavy for humans to carry. In this case, they will make use of pneumatic machinery to lift for them. the human worker will make decisions regarding the usage of the materials themselves. 

In other cases, machinery may work in conditions that are too hot or cold for humans. In this case, they will follow human commands to accomplish the task given to them without requiring as many resources. 

The Main Types of Industrial Machinery and Much More 

If you are in the construction or manufacturing trade, you no doubt have to make many decisions regarding the efficiency of your projects. The industrial machinery you choose will have a major bearing on the speed and price of production. 

By applying the principles that we have discussed today, you will have an overview of the industrial machinery that is available for use. 

If you would like to learn more about manufacturing and industry machinery topics, then we are here to help. Why not take a few minutes to check out our blog articles for more information.

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