5 Ways Machine Vision Systems Improve Manufacturing

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Manufacturing is ultra-competitive these days regardless of what type of product you manufacture or where you manufacture. Expenses are high, margin of error is low, and your risk level is monumental if not properly monitored. Even if manufacturing is only a small piece of your business model, it can significantly impact your profit margins. It is not something to take lightly. So how do you ensure that your manufacturing is maximized? With machine vision system technology such as machine vision cameras of course!

What Is A Machine Vision System?

Machine vision is a relatively new technology that harnesses a combination of automation, robot vision, multi-variable nonlinear signal processing, the physics of optics, and more. It is the ability of a machine to consequentially sense an object, capture an image of that object and then process and analyze the information for decision-making. 

In essence machine vision enables manufacturing equipment to ‘see’ and ‘think’. It is an exciting field that combines technologies and processes to automate complex or mundane visual inspection tasks and precisely guide manufacturing activity. In an industrial manufacturing context it is often referred to as ‘Industrial Vision’ or ‘Vision Systems’. All of this allows for better monitoring and quality checks during your business manufacturing process.

Who Provides Machine Vision Systems Manufacturing Technology Services?

You don't want to go with just any provider for machine vision technology. It would be risky to work with a company that hasn't lead the field for some time. An industry leader like Industrial Vision Systems has been providing state-of-the-art machine vision products and services to successful businesses around the world for nearly 20 years. 

machine vision systems industrial manufacturing

How Can Machine Vision Technology Help Your Business?

1. Make Fewer Manufacturing Mistakes

One of the biggest detractors from manufacturing profitability comes from errors. A single production error could hold up the line for minutes or hours at a time, possibly even days depending on the issue. Time is money and even a few minutes of production time lost could cost your company significantly. If enough time is lost or enough mistakes are made, you will lose valuable clients and customers. 

2. Save Money On Staff

When you have a dependable machine vision systems working for you, it requires less actual people to work for you. Each manufacturing employee that specializes in quality checks needs to be trained, retained, motivated, and compensated. With machine vision systems reducing worker redundancy, it saves you a massive amount of overhead in payroll and benefits. This business benefit can't be overstated, it's that important to your company' bottom line.

3. Power Up Production: Increase Manufacturing Capacity And Speed

Fewer mistakes and less holdup means that your business manufacturing capacity and speed will increase significantly. Now you can produce enough product (without sacrificing quality) to fill larger orders and cater to larger clients or marketplaces. And quicker production leads to quicker deliveries, which means more faster sales and more reorders. 

4. Potential Insurance Rate Reductions

When you utilize machine vision systems in your manufacturing, your liability will go way down. Any smart insurance company will understand that and would probably give you a discount on your policy or improve your coverage. If that isn't standard procedure with your existing insurance provider then you could always try negotiating or seek other insurance providers. If you do get a significant discount, your systems could end up paying for themselves in insurance savings or improved coverage alone!

5. Avoid A Total Recall

Everyone knows that manufacturing mistakes can be expensive. But a serious flaw in production that requires a recall due to safety reasons can cost a fortune, especially if you aren't adequately insured with product recall expense insurance. It could also leave a permanent black mark on your company's reputation that could negatively impact sales for years to come... or cost an enormous amount to correct over time with PR, marketing, advertising, and branding. Either way, machine vision systems can be the difference between your business floundering or flourishing.

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Conclusion: Maximize Your Manufacturing With Machine Vision Systems

Now that you know some of the benefits of machine vision systems for your business, you would be foolish not to invest in it. Ensuring that your manufacturing is productive and safe could be the smartest business decision you've ever made.

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