Is Wireless Charging Or Wired Charging Faster?

wireless charging car smartphone versus wired charger

Does wireless charging boost the phone faster than wired chargers? Or do they work the same way? Powering up your phone can seem tiring, and that’s why many want the fastest option. Also, the inconvenience of having to wait so long for your phone to juice up is annoying. But does getting a wireless car charger solve this problem for you? 

Shocking to some, but you have been living under a rock if you think that wireless charging is a recent technology. Well, it wasn’t around during the Stone Age but has definitely been around for a while now. And the convenience that it brings is great. Today, more and more people are using wireless car charger in their vehicles. Some of these chargers have fast charging capabilities, just like some wired variants. We will look at both to see which ones serve better. 

Also, a popular belief that is wrong is that a wireless car charger costs more than a wired one. While the brand and features have a role to play in determining the price, wireless car chargers are not so pricey. This is especially the case nowadays where there are tons of brands and varieties in the market. 

Since most smartphones coming out have wireless charging provision, the mass production of wireless chargers is going up. It is only a matter of time before you stop seeing the charging port on your phone. Because the debate on whether or not wired chargers will go is no longer a matter of if but rather when. 

Charging Speed When Using A Wireless Car Charger 

On the matter of convenience, we can agree that a wireless car charger is more convenient to use than a wired one. Even pundits in the phone industry show a lot of confidence in a wireless car charger. 

But the point that experts pass is that a wireless car charger is relatively slower than a wired variant. According to a recent measurement experiment on the performance of a wireless car charger, they used an iPhone XR. They drained it of charge completely and placed it to charge on a wireless charging dock. By one hour, the phone had only managed to juice up to 50%. This is about half as fast as what a wired charger would deliver. 

The Convenience Of A Wireless Car Charger 

If you are evaluating on the basis of speed, then do doubt, wired chargers win by a great margin. But any wireless charger can still get a phone from zero to a hundred anyway. But the thing is, a wireless car charger is still going to be more convenient than a wired one. 

For instance, when you are driving and want to unplug your phone quickly for a call, you don’t have to struggle with wires. In fact, wireless car chargers reduce destruction by a significant percentage. Again, the fact that you will reduce the tangling wires on your dash is a positive aspect of a wireless car charger. These wires are responsible for the most clutter at the front, which is somewhat annoying. Wireless car chargers are simple to use. 

Wired Charging Is Best When You’re Short On Time 

Since they juice up your phone quicker, wired chargers are the best choice for those in a hurry. They can boost your phone 50% faster than wireless chargers. You can take advantage of a fast wired charger to boost your phone when you are still at home. Immediately you get up and start preparing to leave the house, plug in your phone. 

Some modern phones charge from zero to a hundred in just half an hour. This is an incredible speed that will get the phone ready just before you leave the house. 

Manufacturers Are Making Improvements 

Every day, technology changes for the better. Technological strides were responsible for the invention of mobile phones, and we can’t doubt that more will come. Thanks to the wizardry of technology, we are most likely going to witness a wireless car charger that's more efficient in speed than a wired variant. 

Experts argue that charging speed is more about the software than the hardware. And if that is the case, then we bet the change will come easier and faster. Designing a wireless car charger that will deliver more wattage isn’t so much of a big deal anyway. Besides, there is always a way to make the charger remain cooler even when you are using it to charge devices at a fast speed. 

The argument is on how to drive things at a higher wattage, and when to scale them back. And that is where working software comes into play. The other trick is to regulate heat because the less the heat that’s lost, the less power you waste. 

Final Thoughts On Wireless Charging vs Wired Charging

Wrapping up, you have seen that a wireless car charger for smartphones is slightly slower than a wired charger. However, when it comes to convenience, the latter is less convenient. The great thing is that technology is always advancing, and we are most likely going to see a wireless car charger that is faster with time.

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