Redundancy vs Efficiency In Business

redundancy vs efficiency in businesses

Something that all frugal businesses need to keep a close eye on to be successful is the balance between redundancy and efficiency in their business. This entails regularly auditing different areas of your company to check whether they are still needed, and that they are being used in a way that maximizes their potential. It makes good business sense, as if your business is not efficient then it will be using up unnecessary money. Precious money that will, of course, be coming our of your profits, making you a less successful venture. So read on to find out more about redundancy and efficiency in business, and how these concepts can help you improve. 

Tools And Property 

A good place to start auditing how efficient your business is, is by addressing the physical areas such as the tools, machinery, and property that you currently have. First of all, do you have tools such as PC’s, photocopiers, and other office items that you aren't using all that much? If so then selling any redundant items may be more efficient than keeping them in office on the off chance that you will need them one day. 

A good example of this is a binding machine. If you only use this once or twice a year, it is probably much more efficient to send any binding you have to an outside print shop to be done instead. The same goes for machinery and property that aren’t being unused. Both of the items can have a high resale value but could be costing you money to house or manage. Even when not in use. Getting rid of these things that are no longer needed is a perfect way to make your business more efficient


Obviously, with our online business culture, IT is another area in which you need maximum efficiency to be successful. Unfortunately, many firms have high-spec and high-speed system that they are not using to their full advantage. Meaning that they are paying for service that go unused, or not making their IT system work as efficiently as it could for them. 

To remedy this, it is always best to call in professionals that offer IT Consulting for businesses. They will be able to identify any issues in your network and system and rectify these, meaning that things work more effectively. Something that can help you to minimize redundancies in both time and money. 


The last and perhaps the most difficult area to audit for efficiency is the actual work processes that you use to get things done. These are the ways of doing the job that you employees are used to, and they can certainly have some resistance to changing them. However, much like a path worn down in a field, the ways that have become a habit are not necessarily the most effective ways of getting from A to B. That is why you need to evaluate them, identifying any redundancies. Then they can be cut by writing new processes which are more efficient, saving time and resources.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about analyzing redundancy versus efficiency in your company's business processes.

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