HubSpot Academy Inbound Certification Notes 5: Social Media & CTA

Thank you for reading this section of my HubSpot Academy Inbound Certification notes focusing on Social Media Marketing and Calls To Action (CTA's). These are absolutely crucial aspects of your inbound marketing strategy so don't neglect these areas. If you haven't read my earlier posts, here are the links to Parts 1-4:

SMART Inbound Goals:
S:   Specific
M: Measurable
A:  Attainable
R:  Relevant
T:  Timely

What Is Your Inbound Goal?
Set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, & timely goals

Social Media:
-2 Billion on social media, 70% of internet users
-Research, Write, Feedback. Get more visitors, leads, conversions, delight

1) Social Monitoring
-Gather information about Buyer Personas & industry trends

2) Social Publishing
-What and how you publish determines how audience perceives your brand.

3) Social Reporting (assessment) 

Social Media Strategy:

Social Monitoring:
-Start by focusing on words your buyer personas use to describe your business
-Segment audience by geography, life cycle, content posted
-Watch engagement in groups in communities
-Correctly use personalized responses and thank yous

Social Publishing:
-Start with business introduction and optimized profiles

Optimize Profile:
-High resolution logo specific to platform
-Clear concise summary including keywords
-Link to your website or other pertinent site

Develop a Social Media best of rules book:
-Hashtags, tone, links. Be consistent! Set a schedule

Twitter: Microblogging, comments, updates, thoughts. 4-6x per day

Facebook: Most popular, up to 250 characters per post. Ask for audience interaction and get more casual and personal. 1-2x per day

LinkedIn: Serious, industry specific, professional, long-form commentary, share your business. 2-3x per week (same with Google+)

-Performance metrics compare to other businesses in industry
-Use industry data research or historical data of your own.

Calculate ROI:  Looking to attract visitors? Look at metrics related to Content Consumption: Views, Clicks, Likes

Looking to Increase Visitors. Pay attention to social sharing metrics. Engagement rates, shares, retweets

Looking to increase Conversion (visitors to leads) rate. 
Measure ROI: Google Analytics, Buffer, or HubSpot

Increase Sales / Closing (leads to customers) rate.
Use HootSuite, HubSpot, or Simply Measured

Review analytics weekly. Take into consideration time & effort


-Use for converting visitors into leads. Action oriented
-Use clear and specific direct action verbs
(request, download, trial, receive)
-Brief, secondary to the actual content
-Download an eBook, watch a Video, start Free Trial
-Visitor clicks on CTA link with a Content Offer, brought to Landing Page, submits contact information, brought to Thank You page for offered content.
-Placed on websites, blogs, and emails
-Consider Buyer Personas, clear clickable elements like buttons, links, or pictures that STAND OUT
-Could be subtle or flashy, depending on Buyer Personas
-Use contrasting colors or accent colors aligning with your business branding
-Can be above the fold or at end of blog post or sidebar
-Make sure it stands out but not interfering with content
-Good CTA's CTR Click Through Rate is 1-2% typically
-Testing / Changing CTA only change 1 variable at a time


Need Some More Social Media Marketing Guidance?

Best Of Luck In Business To You All!

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