Fitness Industry Entrepreneur to Digital Marketing Manager

2015 Interview with Journalist Elizabeth Okonkwo

My transformation from Fitness Industry Guru to Digital Marketing Manager. From helping clients grow muscles to helping clients grow their business!

Elizabeth:  Mike, when we last spoke over 3 years ago we were discussing your new fitness videos, best-selling eBooks, and Shape Magazine articles. What are you up to these days? I see you've been very busy!!

Mike:  The last time we worked together was a few years ago, and my how things have changed! At the time I was still promoting my in-home personal training and nutrition business Results Private Fitness and my online fitness media business Frugal Fitness. My sole purpose was to help others improve their exercise and nutrition regardless of their budget. Things were going very well and I was making one last big push to make it big(ger) in the fitness industry and bring my career to the next level.  Shortly after we last collaborated on an article for Another Fly On The Wall, I hosted a short-lived but successful fitness radio show, was again voted a Top 20 Social Fitness Influencer for the Shorty Awards, and was offered several roles on fitness reality shows on MTV, TLC, and LifeTime. Business was thriving but my interests were changing.

Several months down the road my passion began transitioning from helping people get fit to helping their businesses grow. This wasn't really anything new, and I had been helping businesses and entrepreneurs for many years, but it became an even stronger passion. I realized that marketing was what I really cared about and that needed to be my focus going forward. While I was proud of all I achieved in the fitness industry, I knew that I would make more of an impact helping other companies achieve success. I started educating myself even more on website design, SEO, publishing, inbound marketing, and e-commerce. I began working with even more entrepreneurs and small businesses until joining 

Frugal Fitness became Bootstrap Business (well metaphorically speaking, they are still very distinctive online brands and communities), and the rest is history.

Having a passion for helping people doesn't change with your careers. Helping people achieve their version of success is a powerful thing and I hope to make an even greater positive impact in people's lives during this new chapter of my life.

I hope you enjoyed this post about transitioning from a fitness industry entrepreneur into a digital marketing manager.

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