3 Best Ways Of Avoiding Alcohol To Make You Rich

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Most adult people tend to find alcoholic drinks as a stress reliever though, in fact, the effect is totally opposite especially when the hangover kicks in. Most bars, especially in the United States of America, gained high revenues based on their drinking patrons. Alcohol sales totaled over $24 billion last year, excluding the revenues in liquor stores of America. 

In other words, a drinker can help boost the economy but there are some hidden agendas found behind it. While you are drinking, the capitalists who are the owners of the business are just gaining from your tricked pleasure suit. 

A person who drinks one beer every night belongs to 30% of an alcohol drinker. That just seems to be the minimum percentage. However, for the people who are heavy drinkers that can consume 10 to 20 beer cans, bottles, glass and such, they belong to the 10% of alcohol drinkers. 

Moderate to light drinkers of liquors can still be counted as healthy since they can still continue drinking responsibly. But heavy drinkers are the ones who are really helping the liquor business owners and the economy of the country to boom. 

1. Save Money For Your Own Good 

What I am trying to say is that, if you stop drinking you can save money. For instance, the allowance or the salary of a person will just simply go to the liquors instead of his or her personal needs. If the person slowly stops drinking the money will be saved rather than used aimlessly. 

2. Smart Spending 

Think of the money that is being used to buy your alcoholic drinks and realize how much you are actually spending on drinks. Consider this: a person spends $100 for drinks every day. That is: $100 x 366 days = $36,600. Once added up, the daily expenses on drinks is way too big. Imagine how much money you could save and used to more necessary stuff. 

3. Being Wasted Is Totally Busted 

A healthy body is the most precious thing in the world that everyone is now aspiring for. Various illnesses and diseases can be acquired by long term heavy drinkers. 

To give you an idea, heavy drinkers develop these diseases over time: 

● Liver Diseases 
● Depression 
● Suicidal Tendencies 
● Fatal car accidents 

Ultimately, they lead to death. 

Getting rid of drinking habits can really help you - not just yourself but also the people around you - those people who carry you when you cannot get home because of being drunk and those people who died because of drunk drivers. 

Once you have saved your money, you can use it for an investment to build a business. 

If your savings is not enough to make your dream enterprise into a reality, you can opt to pawn valuable goods or get a small loan from an accredited refinancing firm. Not only you have remained sober, but you will also be able to build your financial legacy. 

However, if you are having a hard time to keep yourself sober here are some tricks which can help you save money while drinking moderately. 

Tricks To Save Money When Drinking

Since you are reading, you might have some reasons to cut down on your drinking expenses. After all, liquor is not cheap if it is part of your day or week. Here are some tips to help you save up and still get drunk. 

Let Your Friends Treat You 

There will be times when your drinking buddies will be the ones inviting you to a party. Since they have invited you, it is more likely that they will pay for the drinks unless they specify that it will; be a Dutch pay or each person pay for his own. 

Add to that, be in the know. Get to know where the party will be and if some friends are attending. Then ask to tag along. 

Bring A Small Amount Of Money 

Just bring a short amount of money when going into the bars or pubs to save money. This way you will not spend too much money. If you can’t kiss drinking liquor goodbye, it is best to control your spending by having a liquor budget. And you can’t spend beyond that budget. 

Drink While Still In The House 

Drinking liquor first in the house can really save you money because you are already a little bit tipsy. Just make sure that you still know what you are doing, like getting ready to go the place. Be with a trusted person who can take you home safely. 

Make Sure To Look For Freebies 

Freebies are the best because you can really save up money. For example, there will be certain codes or coupons that will be given away during holidays and special occasions. Take advantage of the loyalty rewards too. Save them up and don’t forget about them the next time you go out for a drink. 

Always Drink Responsibly 

Lastly, the most important trick to always drink responsibly – do not get really wasted that you do not know the things that are happening in the surroundings. This might just lead to accidents and other stupid drunk activities such as unplanned tattoos or online purchases. 

Instead of saving money, the cost of the amount might just be doubled if you go to the hospital because of some injury or accidents. This goes synonymously with “never drink and drive.” 

Every day, 28 people die from drunk driving crashes. You don’t want to be a part of that statistic or be the cause of one drinking and driving death. The recent recall of Zantac was prompted by concerns that the medication may contain a potentially cancer-causing impurity, which could pose a serious health risk to their drinking patrons who regularly consumed the medication

But the best way to get extra cash is just to stop drinking. There will be no more morning sickness and risky escapades especially if you are a type of person who bravely does risky adventures when drunk. 

Ditch The Drink

If you can't stop drinking on your own, get help from the people at Alcoholics Anonymous. Their meetings and 12-step program are free and will help you to get and stay sober. Say boo to booze or you may lose.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the best ways to avoid drinking alcohol or decrease drinking to help you save more money.

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