When Should Criminal Defense Law Firms Use PPC?

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There are different ways that businesses market their businesses online, and one of those methods is Pay-Per-Click Marketing, or PPC marketing. Criminal defense law firms need websites just as much as any other business, and it stands to reason that they may find merit in that kind of marketing as well. But when should a criminal defense law firm use PPC in the first place? What can this kind of digital marketing do for a lawyer or attorney's potential success? 

The Merits Of A Criminal Law Firm Using PPC 

Criminal law firms, much like any other type of business, have a lot to gain from PPC, although PPC is not the only type of digital marketing that you should consider for your firm's website. But first off, what exactly is PPC anyway? Well, as the Pay-Per-Click name implies, it is a process where someone is paid per click. Specifically, the advertiser pays a certain amount of money for every time that an ad gets clicked on. It also works on a bidding system, so to speak, which is what ultimately determines who gets priority in the ads section. The more that one is willing to pay per click on an ad, the more likely you are to be featured. 

Types Of Pay-Per-Click Ads

There are a number of different types of PPC marketing, although the one that most people are likely to cite as an example of this type of marketing is in the form of search engine advertisements. You know the ads that sit at the top of the search results for various certain keywords? Yeah, those are considered PPC ads. Being that they are always located at the very top of the page, it is understandable why a criminal law firm would have such an interest in having that spot of the page to hang out on. Of course, Google Ads does not have a monopoly on this type of advertising; you can also employ it in other areas, such as Facebook and LinkedIn ads, among other smaller areas. While these do have their differences here and there, a lot of the details apply to all three kinds of PPC marketing. 

Quality Content

One important thing to make sure you do is to make ads that lead to quality content. After all, if you click on an ad and are met with low quality, what reason would you even stay for a second longer than you need to? Worse yet, this marketing for criminal defense attorneys costs money for them clicking on the link, and if they do not engage with your products and/or services, it is money burned. One of the trickier problems about this aspect of website design for PPC marketing is that defining a good website and a bad website can be a little tricky at time. It is, after all, a subjective determination, and what one person finds appealing and worth sticking around for, another person may be completely put off. Granted, you cannot appeal to every person at every time, but there is such a thing about maximizing the ultimate pleasure of a group without having to take the pleasure from one or more individuals. 

Pay To Play

In order to get your website featured as a PPC ad, you obviously need to pay. It is definitely a drawback compared to SEO marketing, but it does not mean that it is not worth it. It is merely a matter of figuring out whether you are willing and/or able to cover the costs of one or more PPC ads. If it winds up being too expensive given the budget that you can afford to put towards it, it would be in your best interest to reconsider and go for something that you can more easily handle. There is always tomorrow after all, so once you have accumulated more money and been able to step up, you can move into PPC marketing and reap the benefits. PPC advertisements are also not guaranteed to be a success in the immediacy; for example, there is a decent likelihood that the first advertisement for your criminal law firm's website is not going to be as successful as it potentially could be. Heck, the Google Ads or Bing Ads advertisement campaign may completely fall flat on its face. This is because, being that it is your first time trying this form of advertisement, there is a chance that you might do something wrong and wind up having to tweak your approach in the future. Experience is one of the biggest teaching tools, so make use of it as much as you can with SEM or SMM PPC. 

PPC Potential

The big thing with whether your criminal law firm should use PPC is that it ultimately depends on what you are hoping to get out of it. A company that is hoping to expand their brand may find that PPC marketing is not the most ideal thing for them. PPC marketing tends to be a more valuable tool for businesses that are already established and looking for more avenues for further growth. For newer companies, a more long-term plan for recouping the money spent on marketing (and then some) is not going to be ideal for what they need. Immediate returns for the money invested are important, as they are likely going to need that money to work with as well. Of course, not every new company is going to have difficulties with money, as some companies are started by people who are more than financially stable. This can be great help if you do have money to burn, as it allows you to experiment with PPC advertising where a person with less money would not be able. 


Ultimately, PPC is a marketing strategy that requires you put in a decent amount of money and effort in order to tweak and refine, but if you are able to get Google Ads and social media advertising just right, the potential benefits of going with it are rather substantial. A recurring, successful, well-designed PPC campaign will help create a long-term attachment by the customers who engaged with the ad, ensuring that potential clients come to you for criminal law services.

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