Expert Tips For Finding The Ideal Office Space

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Are you looking to find a suitable office for your growing business? Are you confused about what you should be prioritising in your search? Well, the truth is, this is a stressful task at hand. There’s many different important factors you need to consider when looking for your dream office - from location to size to facilities to costs. 

There’s usually one thing you’ll need to compromise on anyway. You’ve hit the absolute jackpot if you’ve found the perfect office with no flaws whatsoever. But it’s still totally doable, so don’t give up or rush into things. 

To streamline your search and make things a little clearer, here’s 6 of the best expert tips on how you can find the ideal office space. 

1. Put Trust In The Best Real Estate Agency 

Start by finding a real estate agent you trust. Companies like DeVono Cresa can provide you with the real estate solutions you need to make your search as quick and simple as possible. Build a strong working relationship with your agents and make sure they understand everything about what you need. Leave no stone left unturned. Communication is key when it comes to finding the right real estate agency, so always be upfront and honest about what it is you’re looking for. 

2. Consider The Size Space You Need 

Whether you’re a start up looking for their first office or a rapidly growing company looking to upsize, the first thing to consider is the space you need. Experts say you’ll roughly need about 1,000 square feet of space for every 6 employees, so make sure there’s enough room for everyone to feel comfortable and secure. No one wants to be sardines in a cramped office. Whatever office you choose, think about room for expansion too! 

3. Consider The Type Of Space You Need 

You should also decide what you’ll be using the space for and the facilities you need. Do the workspaces on offer match your needs? Are there enough facilities to accommodate the size of your team? Does the design of the building fit into the type of office vibes you want to create? Weigh up whether you need an office unfurnished or furnished too. 

4. Put Importance On The Location 

Your office should be conveniently located for ALL of your team members, not just a few. Choose an office that has great transport links and remember that it’s nice to have plenty of amenities close by for lunchtime snacks and after-work drinks too. If you find an office building you like, take the time to explore the vicinity. 

5. Manage And Calculate Your Costs 

This one might seem obvious, but knowing you can 100% afford the office is critical. We’re not just talking about the upfront costs either. Whether you’re renting or buying, you need to calculate the long term cost of the building including all additional maintenance costs like security, cleaning, and energy bills. Never sign a contract before knowing the full operation prices. 

6. Don’t Rush Into Anything 

Time is on your side when looking for the right office that meets all of the requirements. Take as much time as you need and never feel pressured to make a decision you’re unsure of. This is a huge decision that will massively impact the way your business operates, so always remain patient and sensible.

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