How To File A Claim If You Sustain Dog Bite Injuries At Someone's Home

how to file claim dog bite injuries at someone's house biting lawsuit

Dog bites can be traumatic and necessitate timely medical treatment. If you sustain this injury while on somebody else’s property and courtesy of their uncontained canine, it amounts to negligence. You can file a compensatory claim given the financial stress the stacks of medical bills and time away from work cause you. 

An experienced injury lawyer can acquaint you with your rights and legal options after understanding the specifics of your case. Compensation claims in such matters cover your psychological and physical injuries, inclusive of past and future expenses. The severity of your injury is a decisive factor when filing a claim. 

Filing A Claim 

If another person’s dog injures you, the relevant owner is held liable for their canine’s actions. You are within your rights to file a compensation claim legally. The time limit to file personal injury claims varies across states and is roughly restricted to between two to three years. 

Listed below is the recommended approach to adopt when filing a dog bite injury claim: 

Seek Legal Help 

A qualified attorney focuses on getting you the compensation you deserve while you recuperate from your injuries. They also familiarize you with the statute of limitation you need to abide by for your claim to be entertained. 

Your injury lawyer assists you by: 

● Thoroughly investigating your case 
● Advising you on the steps involved in filing your claim 
● Arriving at a fair amount to claim for 
● Negotiating with the accused party’s insurance company on your behalf 

Establish Who Is At Fault 

From the start, your legal representative attempts to prove the other party's negligence. Failing to secure their dog while you were at their home properly is a breach, especially when that canine is known to have a history of biting. Being able to confirm the latter works in your favor as it establishes the dog is dangerous. 

Document Your Claim 

Your attorney documents your medical reports issued on receiving the necessary first aid that your injury warranted to build your case. The resultant expenses owing to your dog bite injury must also be included. 

These cover commuting costs if you are now forbidden to drive and depend on public transport to reach the hospital. Similarly, if your movement is impaired because of the injury necessitating home alterations, those costs also contribute to your additional expense. 

If possible, include photographs of your bite injuries and the dog responsible for your condition. If you can visually prove that the canine was left loose and not on a leash, it proves your point further. Collate contact details of any eyewitnesses who are willing to narrate the incident they witnessed. 

Why Report The Injury? 

Reporting the injury is the only way to obtain records on the dog's owner and history, including vaccination information. All this data is needed to claim compensation subsequently. 

Such reports encourage local and state authorities to enforce dog bite laws to safeguard the interests of all concerned. Other vulnerable members of the community will then be protected from a potential attack by the same animal. 

Estimated Timeline For Claims 

Many factors impact how long it can potentially take to handle your animal bite claim and lawsuit. Your legal aid can give you an estimated timeframe based on: 

● The severity of your dog bite injuries 
● Medical treatment prescribed 
● Your recovery timeline 
● Settlement options before you 
● Whether it is worth dragging your case to court or settling it with mutual consent 

Biting Backlash Claims Conclusion

A lawsuit claim is valid provided you have suffered serious injury from the dog bite. Also, your lawyer must establish that the accused party is indeed the pet parent. 

Approach a recognized legal practitioner who has a history of successfully handling dog bit injury cases similar to yours. Work with an expert before you start suing the pet parents!

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