6 Ideas to Enhance Your Office Space

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Over the years, the way we work has changed drastically, and office spaces need to be able to adapt to keep up. Whether the office space is shared or a home office, a suitable office space will be more comfortable, relaxing and will encourage greater productivity. 

1 - Furniture 

Comfort is crucial in an office. Furniture choices should be as durable enough to withstand the everyday usage, however they need to be comfortable enough to reduce the likelihood of strains and pain that can be caused by unsuitable furniture. 

Once suitable furniture is in place, think about the placement. In a shared business office, the space needs to work well for employees, so it can be worth discussing the layout of furniture with staff. This includes considering the arrangement of conference training tables, ensuring they are strategically positioned to foster collaboration and productivity during meetings and training sessions

In a home office, consider the arrangement of your desk in relation to windows, doors and lighting to ensure optimum placement. 

2 - Light 

Studies have proven time and time again that natural light is good for productivity and health. Offices that used natural light where possible as opposed to artificial light noted an 84% decrease in eyestrain, headaches and blurred vision. 

Natural light can also improve mood, and make office spaces feel more inviting. Remove window coverings where possible, and if natural light is limited in your office space, look into types of lighting that closely imitate natural light. 

3 - Colour 

The colour of a room can have an unprecedented effect on emotions. On one hand, a grey, dull room isn’t appealing, but a room that contains too many bright colours may be distracting. 

Coloured accents within an office should be carefully chosen. Green and blue for example can boost productivity and sharpen focus. Yellow is a stimulating colour that is good for creativity and red is great for spaces with a lot of physical activity. 

If painting or wallpapering an office isn’t an option, you can replicate this effect by investing in artwork or decor for the walls. 

4 - Nature 

Plants are known to boost productivity and lower stress levels. Low maintenance potted plants can be a great addition to an office space - there are species available that are forgiving if feeding or watering isn’t as regular as it should be. 

You could either add plants in the wider room as decor, or encourage employees to bring smaller potted plants into the office for their desks. 

5 - Cold 

Lowering the temperature in an office might save on the heating bills, but cold staff are unproductive. Always put the health of everyone in the office first when it comes to the temperature; it can make a world of difference. 

If it is allowed to take hold, damp can cause a room to feel cold. When you are redecorating and enhancing an office space, take the time to damp proof the room to keep it at bay. 

6 - Scents 

Adding a signature scent to an office can make a real difference to how the home office space feels. Certain smells can have a powerful effect on mood and productivity. Pine encourages focus, peppermint can lift the mood and citrus can wake up the senses. 

Studies have also shown that stimulating a worker’s sense of smell can help to increase their performance at work. Certain scents can reduce the number of errors by as much as 54%, with lemon being the most stimulating. This effect can be achieved in office spaces with the addition of a DIY air freshener made by mixing together water and essential oils in a spray bottle.

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