What Information Is Included In A Background Check?

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Nowadays, you cannot trust people so easily. And you need to verify what they do. A lot of frauds and mishaps are taking place across the world. Thus, you need to make sure that you are considering trustworthy people. A background check needs to be done thoroughly to verify that a person is who they claim to be. 

You may opt for Background Hawk, as it provides better employment screening for you and your candidates as well. This article will guide you about the information that a background check consists of. 

Credit Background Check 

You will have to trust your staff or employees to handle responsibilities like managing cash accounts and assets for certain positions. But you cannot do it unless you know how they handle their own money. 

A credit background check will cast light on the potential risks, where you need to take steps accordingly. It shows an applicant's payment history, tax liens, civil judgments, bankruptcies, recent credit inquiries, and unpaid bills in collections. 

Statewide Criminal Records Check 

These checks gather information from the correctional agencies, courts, and law enforcement officials across the state and reveal misdemeanors or felonies. 

Social Security Number Trace 

It reveals the place where an efficient employee has worked and resided. It also provides you with the names and aliases associated with that employee. 

Professional License Background Check 

A professional license background check is used to verify whether the candidate has a valid license. Several industries are dependent on professional licenses to make sure that employees or staff in the industry have the knowledge, experience, and correct credentials required for the job. 

The financial services industry, home contractors, and education industry need a professional license background check. 

Education Verification 

This check is used to confirm if an application is true to his or her words when it comes to getting a degree. School, high school, college, advanced degrees, and certifications as well can be confirmed. 

Employment Verification Check 

This check is used for confirming the previous employment of an applicant. Besides, it also includes the salary, states, reason for leaving or quitting, and rehire eligibility as well. 

National Criminal Records Database (NCRD) Search 

It is quite handy to search out if the applicants have criminal records outside the country or state where they reside or work. NCRD consists of more than millions of records that can be quickly searched. 

Sex Offender Registry 

This check is used to see whether an applicant is registered as a sex offender or not. And it is included in the NCRD search itself. 

FBI Fingerprint Database 

A fingerprint background check showcases CHRI (Criminal History Record Information) whenever a match is found. The CHRI can consist of records of federal naturalization and employment, military service records, and arrest records as well. 

Healthcare Sanctions Report (HSR)

It is used to see if nurses, PA's, doctors, Physicians, etc., have been removed from participation in programs that are federally funded. The programs include Medicaid and Medicare due to infractions. 

Terrorist Watch List 

This check is used to cross-check the people list who are known to have been involved in terrorist activity and are suspended reasonably. It is maintained by the Terrorist Screening Center of the FBI. 

Driver’s License Verification And Driving Records Check (MVR Report) 

If driving is considered a part of the job, the employer needs to include a check to verify the applicant's driving history. It will include suspensions, violations, convictions, accidents, and other disciplinary action, if any. 

Background Checks Conclusion 

The purpose of background checks is to improve trust and safety. They provide valuable information about the history of an individual to assess if they are a potential threat to other people or if they are trustworthy or not. The information that is provided in background checks gives you a clear about whom to consider and whom not to.

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