4 Minor Repairs To Make Before Selling A House

minor repairs make before selling house fix up home pre-sale

House repairs are important when you're preparing your house for sale. You need to ensure that the house is in its best shape when prospective buyers come to view. Buyers don't expect the house to be perfect, but they don’t want to buy a house with obvious functional issues. However, you don’t need to do extensive repairs, especially if the house is still in a habitable condition. 

Some minor repairs here and there can make a huge difference in the value of the house and the buyers’ interest levels. It's important that you know how to improve the appearance and value of your house, while spending the least amount possible. Look at these four minor repairs and their importance before you list the house for sale: 

Importance Of Making Minor Repairs 

You may feel hesitant to repair a house you’re leaving behind, but a few minor repairs can hugely benefit you. Here are some major benefits. 

• You make the property more appealing. 
• The inspection process will be smooth. 
• You eliminate distractions while showing the property. 
• Fixing on your own is cheaper than what buyers might estimate. 
• It gives you a higher negotiating power. 
• It's easier to show and sell a house that’s already appealing 

Even if you’re considering selling the house ‘as is,’ it won’t hurt to make a few repairs that can positively impact its value. Residents of Groove, Minneapolis can sell to reputable as is home buyers, such as Mill City Homebuyers and many others within the area. 

Here are some minor fixes you can have done before selling your house: 

1. Apply A Fresh Coat Of Paint 

Almost any realtor you ask will advise you to give your house a fresh coat of paint before listing it for sale. That is if you haven’t painted your house recently. Remember not to use your color preferences. Try to keep the interior colors neutral and light so that it doesn’t distract other house features. These types of colors also appeal to a wider range of buyers. 

If possible, paint the exterior as well, if it’s been a while. Painting is a simple and affordable way to improve the appearance of your home. Besides, fresh paint always gives the house a new look. Ensure to fill nail holes and smoothen them out before painting. If you prefer installing wallpaper, it should be plain and neutral as well. 

2. Take Care Of The Leaks 

Another thing that puts buyers off is leaks. Unless they’re investors looking to renovate the house, most buyers will stay clear of a house with leaks. Watch out for mold, water stains, leaking faucets, and dripping toilets. Places like kitchens, bathrooms, and toilets have a huge impact in creating the appeal of a home. Repairing these rooms is crucial. Consider replacing toilets, shower curtains, old or faulty taps, etc. 

Even if the leaks aren’t visible, inspect the home well and repair them before showing the house. Check for roof leaks as well, and replace damaged or missing shingles that may be causing leaks. Ensure to repair and not to cover them up because they’ll be revealed during the inspection. Otherwise, doing so can adversely affect your home’s appraisal value

3. Repair Electrical Faults 

A house with electrical flaws is much less appealing to most buyers, and especially those with young children. The safety of a home is paramount, and one with electrical issues might not even pass inspection. Minor electrical fixes aren’t expensive though. Look out for faulty power outlets, damaged wiring, and brown lights. These issues need fixing before potential buyers start viewing the house. 

Things like lighting are also crucial during inspection and viewing. Ensure to switch them on to show how well-lit the house is. Besides, they create a warm and welcoming environment. 

Fixing electrical issues can be risky though so consider hiring a professionally licensed and insured electrician if needed.

minor repairs to make before selling a house fixes prior to home sale

4. Spruce Up The Kitchen 

Nice kitchens are among the most appealing features in a home. When potential buyers come to view a house, they imagine the ease of making family meals and spending quality time in the kitchen. When selling the house, unless you upgrade the kitchen, it may not be in its most appealing shape to most buyers. You don’t need a complete kitchen renovation, but you can make some changes to improve the general appearance and be more inviting. 

You can upgrade the countertops, especially marble or granite tops, to give them an updated look. Ensure appliances are working, and replace those that are broken or too old. 

Small Repairs With A Huge Impact 

Small repairs can change your home’s general appearance and appeal, attract the best buyers, and allow it to sell quickly. In addition to the repairs, keep the exterior of the house clean and well-maintained. Ensure the gutters aren’t clogged and undertake some minor landscaping. If the sidewalk or the driveway needs some grooming, ensure to do that as well. This is the first place the buyers will see before they see the rest of the house. 

Helpful Home Improvement Hacks For Higher Prices

Always keep in mind that small boosts to the home’s general appeal can cause buyers to want to look at it. The more buyers it attracts, the more likely it is to find the most suitable buyer within your asking price range. Now is the time to maximize the value of your home!

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