LLB Degree: The Key To Better Career Opportunities

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Law as a career is gaining popularity among students due to its supremacy. The degree appeals to those who wish to develop practical and problem-solving skills. As the law is a professional course, it prepares students to gain an insight into the framework of law, legal rights, and duties, and law-making. During the program, students also understand the functioning of the Parliament. Students who want to gain logical clarity in the cases and understand human psychology can prefer pursuing an LLB admission degree. Law is considered supreme in our nation, and a profession in law is highly valued and respected. Thus, aspiring law professionals need to be well-versed in the language of the law. 

That is not all. Pursuing law helps aspiring professionals to obtain transferable skills such as strong communication, logical reasoning, analytical thinking, presentation skills, and time management. The course prepares students to deal with challenges, draft documents, arguments, and presentations on cases. 

A Bachelor of Legislative Law, often known as LLB, is a subject of legal studies that deal with conflicts related to society. The three-year program helps students acquire vital knowledge about the law applied in the judiciary, legislative, and executive institutions. 

What Are The Career Opportunities After An LLB Degree? 

Here is a list of career opportunities to which students can apply after completing their LLB program. 

1. Cyber Lawyers - As crimes are increasing in cyberspace, cyber lawyers are in huge demand. These professionals handle cases related to cybercrimes. Private firms or government organizations mostly hire them to solve cases of cyber-attacks. 

2. Legal Advisor - These professionals provide legal advice to a corporation or an organization. Their main task is to help organizations with growth, mergers, or other practices with their legal advice. They also draft and negotiate contracts and ensure compliance with corporate laws. 

3. Judicial Services - Judicial services are the most opted professions among the students of LLB. Students can practice law in the court as a lawyer or advocate. However, professionals can also become a judge after an experience of several years in the law profession. They can work in the Supreme Court, District Court, High Court, or Revenue Court. 

4. Indian Legal Services - All the advocates with over ten years of practice are eligible to appear in the examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). Successful ILS students can join three departments in the Law Ministry- Justice, Legislative, and Legal Affairs. 

5. Legal Journalist - Students with an LLB degree can also work with media houses as Legal Journalists. They work on stories related to crime, court verdicts, or legal affairs. They comprehend the legal matter and convey it to the public in a simple and layman language via different media platforms. 

LLB Degree Is The Key

Apart from a lucrative career, an LLB degree also helps students to evolve as human beings. Also, students can explore various career opportunities after pursuing a law degree. Acquiring a law degree from Dehradun’s law college can be an excellent start for your career.

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