6 Vlogging Tips For Beginners: How To Be A Star

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Being a vlogger means keeping your YouTube channel updated, interesting, and appealing. A vlogger is a content creator, someone who has something to share and knows how to do it right. Yet there’s still the question of popularity – how can you make your vlog skyrocket? How can you keep thousands of eyes watching your videos and attract even more fans? 

Well, we want to reveal 6 basic vlogging tips to help you get started and grasp the way everything works on YouTube and other video platforms. 

1. Make Your Purpose Clear 

Before you start vlogging, make sure that you have a concrete concept. For example, if you want to create a traveling vlog, you need to plan your first routes, stop points, and final spots. When you know exactly what you want to show and say, creating beautiful and interesting videos becomes both more compelling and easier. 

Your videos should be clear, structured, and smooth. The golden vlogging tip for beginners is: don’t be lazy to write scripts for videos beforehand to look more confident and relaxed. 

2. Announce Special Activities 

Plan something special and tell your readers about it. For example, you may want to challenge yourself for some social experiment, call another blogger for a debate, or prepare a small speech on a trending topic. Tell your audience about your plans and they will be more interested in watching your vlog. A little bit of hype is not a crime and can go a long way as a pro vlogger. 

3. Communicate And Collaborate 

One of the most essential vlog tips and tricks for beginners – is to become a part of the community. The first reason to collaborate with other bloggers is a chance to create interesting and unusual content. For example, if you partner with someone different from you, be it a person of another social stratum, professional field, or ideology (depending on your blog’s theme), your interactions can result in something unexpected and can even stir up attention-grabbing conflict. Experiment to discover what will boost your own audience’s interest. 

4. Inject Life Into Your Videos 

You might have a channel devoted to healthy living self-care, or music. Niche content is okay, but it is also a great idea to build more empathic relationships with your viewers. To do so, you may want to add content that is not related to your particular niche. For instance, start talking about beauty trends, life, and relationships. Talk about your hardships and successes – people like personal stories. When you mix a personal element into your vlog, the audience recognizes themselves in your image and feels more of a connection to you. One video out of ten might be devoted to your daily life, hobbies, worries, or even your cute cat. 

5. Do Some Editing 

You’ll most likely follow one of these basic vlogging techniques, but you need to take it even further. Learn new editing tricks and make your videos dynamic. If you have no fresh ideas - see how other popular vloggers make their content. Add music, pictures, use different camera angles, filters, etc. One of the main vlogging issues is sameness. If you notice that most of your clips look similar to each other, you may need to reshape them with interesting editing techniques. 

6. Talk To Your Viewers 

Take your time and respond to comments as a YouTube Partner. Remember that comments add value to your content, so you should show your appreciation and write something in turn. You don’t have to write too much as a professional YouTuber, but make sure that you center the attention on your most active users and therefore motivate them to come back and continue watching and commenting on your content. 

Vlogger And YouTuber Superstar Conclusion 

Vlogging takes work, but this work can be fun and useful. Just think of your audience’s preferences and keep on communicating with them in a variety of ways. Deliver unique content, collaborate with other bloggers to spark interactions, do some cool editing, make your content more personal, and work with trending themes. 

Communicate with your viewers via videos as well as comments, and remember that engagement is your main goal. Happy vlogging

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