7 Essentials To Becoming A Travel Vlogger

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So, you've taken some interest in travel vlogging. Welcome to the 21st century where no one's travel adventures are ever forgotten. You've also probably watched a lot of travel videos and have thought that vloggers have so much equipment in their hands to make the shoot work. If you’re serious about starting your own travel vlog, here are the most crucial of all the essentials you'd need to have. 

1. Your Camera 

It is highly recommended to have a GoPro as a travel vlogger. It gives you the capability of creating high-quality action videos or timelapse videos similar to what you’ll see in construction timelapse videos. Not only is a GoPro compact and easy to carry around, but it's also waterproof, and it shoots in ultra-wide angles. So, if you want to capture the places you go to in every aspect possible, may it be under the sea or high on land, this is the best camera you could get. 

2. A Tripod 

Tripods aren't only for taking solo and stable pictures! You can now use video camera tripods for capturing videos. It proves to be useful especially with those who have shaky hands since the legs of the tripod help you in controlling the stability of the camera during your travel vlogging.

3. Your Laptop 

Who needs a laptop when everything's saved on the camera? Nope. That shouldn't be your line of thinking. If you're really serious about being a travel vlogger, you should always have your clips backed up! Also, with your laptop with you, you get to edit your videos right after you shoot them. 

4. Lots Of Extra Storage 

Your camera may have a built-in storage, plus external storage you've added. But you should also have at least one more back-up storage with you! You'll never know how many clips and pictures you're going to get. Video clips take much room as pictures. The higher your video shooting settings are, the bigger the storage it would need. 

5. An External Microphone 

This may be one of the things that you won't think of purchasing if you're planning on trying to become a travel vlogger. But, here's a pro tip: built-in camera microphones aren’t enough for you to work with when you're documenting a trip. Sometimes, there's a high chance that you don't really know the wind situation in the place you're going to go to. It can get really windy in some areas, hence, not making it possible for you to speak clearly to the camera. Don't waste your filming times. You wouldn't want to review your videos thinking you should've gotten an external microphone. It's better to start ahead. 

6. Get A Windshield For Your Microphone 

What if you're going to a beach or hike up a mountain? Those are probably the best nature views you can film and add to your travel adventure. However, you're wasting the quality of clips you have if you're not going to invest in a windshield. A windshield is an accessory placed in a microphone which will make it a lot easier for you to record in windy and noisy places. 

The great news is that, if you don't have an external microphone just yet, you can improve the quality of your clips' audio by getting a microphone windshield. There are different types of accessory built for different recording devices. 

Also, there's another option when it comes to this. A mini windscreen is perfect for you if you don't want a windshield. It basically functions the same way windshields work, only that you can stick windscreens directly to your camera's microphones. 

There's no excuse if you really want good audio to come with your great visuals. 

7. Lighting 

This is when you really want to go extra on your travel videos. There may be times when the area you're going to go to won't have decent lighting. Another traveling trip that you should keep in mind is that you shouldn't always rely on sunlight! Expect that there are night shots which you would need to capture to complete your whole storyline. A simple LED light which you can attach easily to your camera will do the trick and will help with overall video production

Final Thoughts On Becoming A Travel Vlogger

You don't have to go all out during your first few travel vlogs. What you need is a good camera for travel vlogging before anything else! You have all the time to upgrade after you start earning from travel vlogging. But for now, you should be able to learn how to shoot scenes properly and move on from there. Happy travels and very good luck vlogging!

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