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Recently I decided that I needed to step up my video marketing and content production. Video has only been getting more important each year with improved camera technology, more powerful devices, and faster internet connection. I created a few dozen quick videos, but I didn't have the expertise to really make them polished. Luckily, I started working with Invideo. Their simple interface and helpful tools allowed me to create great professional videos that improve my brand awareness and drive revenue generation. 

Here are just some of the great videos I've made with InVideo so far:

I look forward to creating even more great videos with InVideo Motion each month! 

All About InVideo:

InVideo helps you to transform your content into great videos. We help serve media companies, small businesses, and brands to expand audience engagement through the power of video content. Our platform is ideal for marketers, publishers, individuals and agencies to take their brand content strategy to the next level. We are a team of highly motivated, passionate individuals who pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service, come join us for an exciting journey ahead. The future of content is InVideo. 

The Future Is Video: A Message From The InVideo Team

This is what we told ourselves back in 2012. So, we started creating 10-minute video summaries of non-fiction books from our college dorm. The project was a huge success but with one small hiccup – producing videos wasn’t easy, and it required technical expertise. Yet, video outperformed every other content format by a vast margin. Just think about all the trends you’ve seen, everything suggests that attention is the new currency of the digital age and video is how we’ve chosen to spend it. 

Cut to 2016. We just sold MassBlurb for $2.5M, and we’re wondering about the next big gig. And, that’s when it hit us. We’re not the only ones struggling with the issue of creating videos, everyone is. And, apart from the Adobe suite, the current video producing platforms are either too restrictive, too technical or too fundamental. This was the moment InVideo was born with one simple goal – Everyone should be able to creat great-quality videos quickly and effectively. Because, as we said, the future is InVideo

InVideo Motion 

The future of engaging communication lies in the hands of those who can create quick and engaging video content. That’s why, we at InVideo, are dedicated to provide the cutting-edge tools that publishers, marketers and small businesses need to capture the attention of their audience. Now, scalable video creation is both affordable and accessible with limited time and expertise. Leveraging our platform are reputed brands like CNN, CNBC, Quint, Sony Music and many more! 

We invite all storytellers who want to provide an exceptional video experience for their consumers to join us for an incredible journey. Add our platform to your arsenal to witness and leverage the incredible power of video. Because, as we said, the future is InVideo.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about why InVideo can take your video marketing to the next level with helpful tools for any level.

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