Top 6 Advantages Of Laser Cutting

advantages of laser cutting process

Laser cutting is the technology that works with high-strength laser beams and it is employed to cut materials. In this technique, the surface of the material to be chopped is pointed by the laser beam, which penetrates through the material thereby cutting it. Laser cutting is extra precise in comparison to traditional mechanical cutting. In the laser cutting method, different materials like metal, plastic, wood, and rubber can be cut off. And the primarily used lasers for cutting purposes are Nd YAG laser and CO2 laser. Are you searching for laser cutting near me? Then you can also check here. 

Leveraging Laser Cutters

Laser Cutting technology has fulfilled an integral part of the manufacturing practices. The machines used in Laser cutting are equipped with controlled programming in a computer system, which helps to infer where and how the surface is melded in the material. Because of all these things lasers provide great services. In proliferation, let us see some of the benefits of using laser cutting. 

1. Flexibility 

Laser cutting does not require an interchange of equipment for each individual cut. A similar layout and setup are used to cut several different shapes within the thickness of similar material. In addition, the detailed deduction of material does not offer any difficulty. So it is one of the advantages of using laser cutting as it provides flexibility, 

2. Contactless Cutting Technique 

Laser cutting is called a contactless laser technique because, in laser cutting, just the beam gets into touch with the material. Hence, there is no mechanical discord that can rub the machine. That is also considered as a benefit of using laser cutting. 

3. Precision

Preciseness is one of the fundamental purposes of using laser cutting. It is considered the best cutting method when correlated to other thermal cutting techniques. It gives an accuracy of +/-0.1 mm, which helps you to attain outstanding accurateness without any treatment afterward.

4. Less Power Consumption

In today's era, we all do not want to work too hard, but we also want to complete the work at less cost. A laser cutting machine is a low power consumption machine. It uses about 10kw of power, whereas other cutting machines use about 50kw of power. In this way, a laser cutting machine helps us save power and at the same time, and works effectively. 

5. Work With Different Metals

The tremendous benefit of using laser cutting is its mastery to cut a large span of materials whether materials are made up of aluminum, steel, titanium, diamonds, plastics, wood, wax, glass, paper, or any other materials. No difficulty occurs in cutting it down in length, size, and intricate shapes. Lasers are mainly employed for industrial cutting purposes and it is of immense benefit. 

6. Safe Method

With the increased production demand also encounters the need for safety too. Laser cutting is a sufficiently stable technique compared to other cutting techniques. The laser cutting technique is considered a safer and accurate technique just as a beam of laser is used for cutting metal in it. 

Laser Cutting Conclusion

Although laser cutting is mainly used in the production and manufacturing sector and it is of great use. Other than this it is used in the medical sector too. A laser beam has now made the cutting process easier and more reliable. 

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