Understanding Laser Cutting in the Labor Process

laser cutting labor process cutter machinery

Did you know that laser technology was invented in the 1960s? Laser cutting machines are becoming more popular because of their many benefits and because they help cut down on labor costs and labor time. We have put together this guide to share in further detail the many advantages of laser cutting. 

Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of laser cutting. 

Advantages of Laser Cutting 

One of the many benefits of laser cutting is that it has low maintenance costs and whenever there is a need to replace parts they are not expensive. Another advantage is that laser cutting is a non-contact process which means that you have minimal damage caused to the material that you are working with. 

The laser cutting process also helps reduce material waste and one machine on its own is capable of working with more than one application and with multiple materials. One of the capabilities of laser cutting machines is that you have total control over the intensity of the beam and the output of the heat. 

You can have better peace of mind when using laser cutting because it is a lot safer than other processes out there. The beam is closed inside a light box making it a lot safer to use. 

What Type of Materials Can Be Cut? 

There are quite a few materials that a laser cutting machine can go through. One of these materials is gemstones such as diamonds. Another material is wood, but it has to be carefully done to avoid any burn marks or wood scorching. Laser machines can also cut through glass very easily and with very few problems. 

Laser cutting also works on silicon, plastic, and other non-metallic materials. Steel, titanium, and other metals can also be cut using a laser machine. 

Types of Laser Cutting 

There are three main types of laser cutting techniques used. The latest type is called fiber laser cutting. These have the ability to produce stable laser beams that are stronger and have a longer lifecycle than other lasers. Another laser cutting machine is a gas laser cutter. 

The gas laser cutting machine is actually the oldest of the three methods. This technique uses nitrogen gas or a carbon dioxide mixed laser. This is not the best type if you are cutting metal. 

The third type of laser cutting is called crystal laser cutting. With this technique, there are lasers covered in rare-earth ions such as ytterbium, erbium, etc. The medical and dentistry industry uses crystal laser cutting often. 

Feeling Like a Laser Cutting Pro? 

We hope that now that you know more about laser cutting you can make an informed decision on whether or not you want to opt for laser cutting in your business or your latest project. 

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