Why Do You Need to Consult An Alchohol Beverage Attorney

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People have always loved to consume alcohol because it provides them a type of sensation no other food or drink can give. However, its intoxicating effect often results to so-called alcohol-related crimes. Being intoxicated with alcohol usually causes a person to misjudge or miscalculate his or her actions, leading to unruly behavior and worse, accidents. 

An ‘alcohol-related crime’ is defined as an illegal act involving alcoholic beverages. Some of these illegal acts are drunk driving or DUI (Driving Under the Influence), public drunkenness, and underage drinking. 

In addition, there are crimes which occur without consuming alcohol beverages. These are violations of licenses to sell and distribute alcohol, and minors using fake IDs to buy alcohol. Penalties differ everywhere from the minor classification or misdemeanors, to fines and/or imprisonment. 

Nationwide Constitutional Ban On Alcohol 

In the United States, there was a period when a lot of illegal activities involving alcohol were committed, thus, the government issued a ban on alcoholic beverages. Between 1920 to 1933, the nationwide constitutional ban was in effect, and the production, importation, transportation, and sale of alcoholic beverages were not allowed. That was the era of Prohibition.

When the ban has obviously been lifted, laws governing consumption and distribution of alcoholic beverages were created and penalties were quite heavy. These laws fall under the Alcohol Beverage Control or ABC and are strictly enforced by the United States government and the prohibitions and penalties vary from state to state. 

What You Need To Know About The Production And Distribution Of Alcohol 

The production and distribution of alcoholic beverages begins with the manufacturers. Because of its profitability, they have painstakingly endured the test of time meet the high demand of consumers. It is only therefore logical that the responsibility of following the aforementioned laws fall primarily with them. Illegal actions resulting from the consumption of alcohol must be controlled in accordance to the law. Educating the public and awareness must be promoted by manufacturers and sellers at all times. It is a fact that manufacturers and producers have been continuously looking for ways to improve the industry when it comes to the promotion of moderate drinking. Their efforts are laudable when it comes to this. 

Why Should You Consult An Alcohol Beverage Control Attorney? 

If you are an alcohol manufacturer, importer, distributor, or seller, or you’re looking into getting into the business that relates to alcohol, it is necessary to consult an alcohol beverage control attorney. Alcohol beverage control attorneys guide and protect both their clients’ and consumers’ interests. Since the alcohol industry is a heavily regulated industry, a simple mistake may lead to tragedy and cancellation of licenses, loss of life and livelihood. 

Alcohol beverage control attorneys help you understand ABC laws and they provide assistance when it comes to obtaining your license to be able to operate your alcohol business without the risks of getting penalties for non-compliance. 

There are a number of law firms that offer their legal services to clients in the alcohol beverage industry, covering various aspects such as production, distribution and sale of licensed beverages, marketing, intellectual property, licensing and permits, and related matters. 

As always is the case, a reliable firm of attorneys with a proven track record is recommended. The firm must be also up to date with the latest developments and laws in the industry. In fact, you should do your research and only get the legal advise of firms that have been heavily involved in the improvement of the alcohol beverage industry. This way, you are sure that you are only dealing with firms and lawyers with the right experience and qualifications.

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