Guide To Canning Beer: Benefits And Machines To Use

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There is a growing trend when it comes to beverages, specifically alcoholic beverages such as beer. A lot more individuals are going into their own beer brewing business, and it has definitely paid off as the demand for artisanal or organic beer products increase. For those in the know, it looks like the beer industry is expanding into new markets, and consumer tastes are changing, which bodes well for those looking into harnessing their own beer-making expertise. 

But beer can also come in bottles – which brings us to the first big question: why should you can your beer? What are the benefits? Another question comes to mind after the first: what machine should you use for canning your beer? 

If you are concerned about these aspects, then here is your essential guide to canning beer: the benefits, the machine to use, and more. If you also want to find out what is it about beer that makes it a timeless drink, find out more about this beverage with these beer facts.

The Benefits Of Beer Canning 

Compared to using glass bottles, cans are a lot more affordable. This is already one point for beer canning, especially for start-ups and new business owners who are trying to save money whilst still giving their customers a quality product. What's more, with canning, you can save more on logistics simply because cans don't occupy as much space as bottles; you can easily stack your cans on top of each other and make use of pallets. Also, beer cans don't weigh as much as beer bottles, which makes a huge difference when you ship your beer product. 

Here’s another thing: the taste of beer when canned is actually better, meaning that the taste is preserved simply because there is less exposure to air and light. If there is too much exposure to light, this can affect the quality of the beer, hence bottles are often coloured brown or green. But with cans, you can entirely eliminate exposure to light. 

Considerations When Choosing A Beer Canning Machine 

There are more than a few considerations when it comes to choosing your beer canning machine, as follows: 

• Make sure the beer canner machine is easy to run and operate 

• Make sure the machine is well-designed and built so you don’t have to spend too much time maintaining it 

• The can seamer machine you choose should also be fast and able to produce a reliable seam without requiring habitual adjustments 

• The seaming machine should also be equipped with emergency switches and is able to identify issues immediately whilst communicating these issues to the operator 

• Think about the level of support you will get from your supplier, as this is important for warranties and guarantees. The price is a significant consideration, but equal to this is the after-sales service from the supplier 

• Choose a beer canning machine that you can upgrade when the time comes to increase your production 

• Make sure you can also integrate the seaming machine with other beverage canning or production equipment you have 

The Benefits Of Better Beer

In addition, choose a supplier or manufacturer who can provide you with sound advice regarding beer canning and who has the right experience when it comes to this. Their machines should be appropriately certified, and make sure you carefully consult with them regarding your beer canning machine's customization if you need something tailored specifically to your needs. 

After you master the art of canning beer, you can focus on building your business. You will need to learn how to properly sell your alcoholic products for a potent profit!

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