3 Reasons That You Want To Beat A DUI Charge If Possible

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Not everyone realizes what type of damage is done after facing a DUI charge and being convicted. The conviction can cause problems in more ways than jail time and bail bond fines. Before you assume the charge is no big deal, find a lawyer who can look for ways to get the charges dropped or dismissed. Here are some things that may happen if that can’t be done. 

Say Good-Bye To Your Driving Privileges 

The odds that you will lose your driving privileges are quite high, even with a top DUI attorney. The loss may be for a time or it could be permanent. With either approach, you will not longer be in a position to hop in the car and go whenever you like. Moving forward, it will be public transport, taxis, and ride shares for you. 

That may not seem so bad until you realize how dependent you’ve become on having a vehicle. It’s necessary to get up earlier so you can get to work. Meeting friends for dinner or a night out now requires more planning. If you forget to pick up something at the supermarket, there are no longer any quick trips to pick it up. You either have to some up with a way to get and from the market or figure out something else to eat. 

If you’re lucky, you can have your driving privileges restored. In the meantime, be prepared to spend a lot of money on getting where you need to go. Once you can legally drive again, never take it for granted. 

While Saying Hello To Higher Insurance Premiums 

Let’s assume the loss of your driving privileges is temporary. That means you’ll keep the car and need to continue paying auto insurance. If you think things won’t change, there, think again. Your provider will likely be sending you one of two notifications. 

The provider may consider you too much of a risk and cancel the current policy. That means you’ll have to sign up with a high-risk insurer and pay higher premiums. That situation may last for several years before you can once again command lower rates. 

An alternative is that the provider doesn’t drop you, but the rates increase significantly. While this is less trouble in that you don’t have to find another insurance company, it still means paying more. You’ll have to live with that for some time. 

Forget About Career Advancements 

A DUI conviction will definitely have an impact on your work life. While it’s true that your employer is unlikely to drop you completely, don’t expect to be considered for advancements or promotions. Those will go to employees with similar skill sets and a cleaner record. 

In the event your employer should go out of business, finding a similar position will be difficult enough. The potential for finding a better one that pays more is highly unlikely. Since the DUI conviction will turn up during a background check, rest assured it will make a difference. 

Before you decide nothing can be done, hire a DUI lawyer and place the case in capable hands. 

With a little luck, the lawyer can look over the details and figure out how to beat DUI charges and allow you to sidestep all or most of the aftermath.

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