Why Does Data Analytics Matter To Accountants?

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There is a vast volume of data that inundates any business on a day to day basis. This data can come from IoT devices, social media, consumer interactions, equipment, and several other sources. When complied, the data volume is so huge that it is self-explanatorily known as Big Data. When utilized correctly, Big Data can give businesses the in-depth insights they need to improve and grow. 

Big Data has countless patterns and meanings that, when appropriately analyzed, can spell success for any corporation. However, data analytics is no easy job. What makes analytics even harder is the sheer volume of data that businesses now garner due to tech advancements. However, with the right skill sets, accountants can help process all this data to create growth opportunities for their corporations. The finance profession is evolving with data growth and is making accountants go from being scorekeepers to strategic business partners. If you’re interested in how you can make the most of your career as an accountant, read below. 

Accountants Have The Perfect Skills For Data Analysis 

Most would imagine accountancy to be a job based primarily on number crunching. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Accountancy is based on logic and analysis to help guide vital business decisions. Modern accountancy teaches you how to be tech-savvy in an increasingly digital world. Furthermore, accountants have the training to spot intricate patterns in vast data sets to make important strategic, operational, and tactical decisions. 

It makes them the perfect candidates for data analysis on a larger scale too. As accountants, combine information from each aspect of the organization to look at the bigger picture. They already have the technical skills needed to compile an enormous data set and analyze it from different angles. 

When it comes to data analytics, there are four angles commonly used for strategic decisions. With an online accounting masters, you can work on predictive, descriptive, diagnostic, and prescriptive analytics with ease. Using various data analysis methods can help accountants become an asset to their workplaces and provide in-depth insights to guide future strategies. 

Accountants Use Data To Gauge The Situation 

One of the most critical tasks any accountant needs to undertake is assessing the financial situation. Before making any decisions, they need to have a clear picture of the finances, such as profits and expenses and tax collections. Compiling and verifying this information is a part of descriptive analytics. It is the first step before accountants can begin to draw any inferences. Descriptive analysis typically involves mining for data to ensure that we have information from all sources and data aggregation. 

Without this first step, accountants can’t begin to guide corporations about any financial decisions. These can include auditing, filing tax returns, financial forecasting, etc., to name a few. Without descriptive analytics, corporations cannot gauge whether they’re meeting their goals or what areas they need to work. Therefore, data is essential if accountants are to get a clear picture of whatever is going on in the organization. With descriptive analytics, accountants can present accurate reports, which can guide decision-making processes in various departments. 

Data Analytics Can Help Accountants Solve Problems 

As the profession evolves, so do the problems that accountants need to handle. Earlier on, accountants would need to solve only investment and profitability issues using spreadsheets. Most of the data would thus become organized and structured. Big Data, however, means that accountants need to handle structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data from a vast array of sources. We generate up to 2.5 quintillions of data daily, multiplying the number of problems that accountants need to tackle. However, data analytics can let accountants tackle overlapping issues with ease. They can use descriptive analytics to put together a clear picture of what’s going on in the company financially. Furthermore, they can then use predictive and prescriptive analytics to make vital strategic decisions. 

Data analytics can help accountants spot patterns in data that can help businesses make better- informed decisions for the best outcomes. Furthermore, they can help identify any past decisions which have caused a profit or loss and how companies can rectify just choices. Businesses can therefore gain a competitive edge over the competition with the help of accountants. 

Forecasting With Greater Accuracy 

Companies make some of the most critical business decisions based on accountancy insights. Therefore, it’s essential that the information accountants provide and which they use to propose new strategies is accurate. Even the slightest errors can cause significant damage and even bankruptcy. It places great stress upon the accountants to spot even the minutest of patterns in data. While accountants have the necessary skills to carry out this task, human error is always a possibility. However, data analytics allows us to eliminate the possibility of any mistakes and make the correct decisions each time. 

Data analytics software can help accountants make only the most accurate forecasts. Data analytics won’t just help accountants make more accurate choices, however. It can also help them automate many processes and work much faster than before. They can use technology to analyze many texts simultaneously, without compromising work quality. 


We now have unprecedented access to data across all sectors and use it to make more informed decisions than ever before. However, data analytics is no easy task. It requires individuals with a specific skill set to derive the necessary meaning from such a copious amount of data. Accountants have the problem solving, logical and mathematical skills needed to extract meaning from piles of data. Data analytics can help make accountant’s jobs much easier while allowing them to make smarter decisions and become real assets to their companies.

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