6 Employee Appreciation Ideas to Show Your Team That You Care

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As a business owner, you know every employee in your company is essential. Not only do employees keep your business running, but they also affect your bottom line. 

If your employees are happy and content with their jobs, they will boost productivity, reduce turnover, delight your customers, and create an environment that is essential for growth. However, unhappy employees affect the morale of the entire company, take too much time off of work, make mistakes, and destroy your company from the inside out. 

For this reason, showing employee appreciation is one of the most important things you can do in your business. By appreciating your employees, you are showing them how valuable they are to your company. 

If you are wondering how to show your employees you appreciate them, this short and simple guide is for you. 

1. Choose an Employee of the Month 

Choosing an employee of the month is one of the kinds of employee recognition that really works. Your employee is recognized all month and gets a prize in the process. Make sure the prize you choose is one that properly conveys your appreciation. 

2. Celebrate Anniversaries 

One of the best employee appreciation ideas is to celebrate your employee’s anniversaries. Every year your staff stays at your company is a year you should appreciate. You can celebrate in a big way to have a modest ceremony, as long as you show your appreciation. 

3. Throw a Monthly Birthday Party 

A great way to show your employees you care is to throw monthly birthday parties. This is a great way to acknowledge your employees regularly. Make a note of all staff birthdays and help celebrate birthdays every month. 

4. Host a Staff Appreciation Event 

Hosting an employee appreciation day is a great way to show how valued your employees are to your company. Provide a delicious lunch, give out prizes, and give your employees a break from work. You can make this a quarterly or annual event for maximum impact. 

5. Give Great Swag 

While company swag used to be ballpoint pens and mouse pads, today’s swag has improved quite a bit. Company swag makes ideal employee appreciation gifts because employees can use the items at work or home. Consider upgrading your swag to tech accessories, eco-friendly items, fitness gear, and more. 

6. Implement a Bonus 

Perhaps one of the best ways to show your employees they are valuable to your company is implementing a bonus. Giving your employees a bonus will not only make them feel valued, but it will also increase motivation and make your staff feel as if they are truly being rewarded. Consider annual, bi-yearly, or quarterly bonuses for employee recognition and you will get a strong ROI on your compensation. 

Employee Appreciation: This Is How to Show Your Team You Care 

By using these employee appreciation tips, you can make sure your staff is happy and fulfilled. 

Consider choosing an employee of the month and celebrating anniversaries. You can also throw a monthly birthday party, host a staff appreciation event, and give great swag. A great way to show your appreciation is to implement a bonus. 

Use one or more of these methods to show your employees you appreciate all of their efforts

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